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Louisville Basketball Imposes More Sanctions

Is more trouble on the horizon for Louisville?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Louisville Cardinals are imposing more sanctions onto the men's basketball team due to the illegal recruiting acts utilized under the watch of former director of basketball operations Andre McGee.

After self-imposing a postseason ban this past season, the school is also stripping itself of two scholarships and two official visits in the coming years, according to Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde.

The scholarship reductions will be one per season for 2017-18 and 2018-19. That means the Cards will have only 12 scholarship players in each of those seasons. The official visit reductions will be one apiece this year and in 2016-17. UL will also reduce its recruiting days by 30 this year.

Forde also notes that this new self-imposed 'punishment' is not a result of new findings during the ongoing investigation by the school and NCAA.

A source told Yahoo Sports that the additional self-sanctions are not a result of any additional violations discovered during the ongoing NCAA investigation of the basketball program. In February, Louisville acknowledged that violations have occurred and announced that it would not play in the 2016 postseason, withdrawing itself from the Atlantic Coast Conference and NCAA tournaments. That decision was made at that point to give the ACC adequate time to plan its tournament without the Cardinals; these additional sanctions are the result of taking more time to consider the facts of the case and what a proper self-imposed penalty should be, the source said.

Still, these newest punishments really aren't that big of a deal, so if the NCAA is about to hammer UL, these mere slaps on the wrist likely did nothing to deter them.