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Wildcats Quickies: Heart Over Height Edition

Tyler Ulis is likely officially declaring for the NBA today, The Bat Cats & Kittens have a colossal matchup vs. UL, and more quickies for your hump day

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The University of Kentucky Basketball team is holding a 'special' announcement at 2:30 today.  Popular opinion is that our man Tyler Ulis will be declaring for the draft and moving his career to the next level.

The 5'9" dynamo is going to be missed dearly next season and for seasons to come.  Below is where many of the major players are predicting Ulis to be drafted:

Feel free to check out my homage to Tyler here, and below I am going to embed many of the Tyler Ulis highlight videos for you to reminisce and maybe get a little misty-eyed.





  • Before the men of the diamond square off, the ladies also take on Louisville today at 5:30.  Kentucky is ranked #12 and Louisville is ranked #25.  It is a pretty cool thing that the two programs are playing on the same day, and all 4 programs are nationally ranked.

  • Andy Buh leaving Kentucky for Maryland has created a void in the Special Teams progress that seemed to be underway this spring.  Stoops does plan to address the void, the good thing is it is being addressed as it is a clear weakness that needs to be.

  • I think one of the surprising players this fall for the Football team is going to be Ryan Timmons.  Timmons is a rising Senior who has been largely absent the last two years.  I feel that Gran and Hinshaw are going to utilize in a proper role and find ways to highlight his abilities.  Timmons is also feeling very optimistic about his role this season.





  • If you have spent more than a few hours on the internet in your lifetime, or even watched a home video show, you have seen some idiot lay down and put a golf ball on a tee, in their mouth... then have their friend try and drive the ball without hitting them.  I am amazed that this does not happen more often.