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The Basketball Tournament to feature team of former Kentucky Wildcats this year

TBT will be back this summer, and this year will include Mark Krebs leading a team of former Wildcats vying for the now-$2 million prize.

There is no such thing as the offseason when it comes to Kentucky basketball.

That's especially true when it comes to former Cats playing professional basketball, whether it's in the NBA or another league. That's expanding this year to include former Cats teaming up to take part in the The Basketball Tournament (TBT), a single-elimination, winner-take-all, tournament played on ESPN every summer.

This team of former Cats will be led by GM Mark Krebs and called The Bluegrass Boys. The roster will slowly be revealed in the coming weeks with the first announcement coming on KSTV Tuesday night, where former Cats Marquis Teague and Ramel Bradley were revealed to be on the team:

TBT is filled of former NBA players, college alumni teams and is open to all. College alumni teams in TBT have included Notre Dame, Syracuse, Virginia, Oklahoma, Temple, Kansas StateVillanovaMemphis and Gonzaga.

This year, the prize is a whopping $2 million with the winning team’s fans sharing 10% of the prize: $200,000. The open-to-all, single-elimination, summer basketball event will be open to applicants starting April 1 and play its winner-takes-all, $2-million championship on ESPN August 2nd.

The format is exactly like March Madness, 64 teams play in four regions: Charlotte, LA, Philly and Chicago. Kentucky will be playing in the Chicago regional.

Registration will open on April 1st, and the info and dates link here explains how the prize is broken up and how fans can win part of $200K just for voting.

Here is the promo video for this year's TBT:

And here's a recap of last year's TBT: