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Urban Meyer responds to Landon Young criticism

The saga of Landon Young vs Urban Meyer has reached a new chapter as the Ohio State Buckeyes coach is responding to the Wildcat signee's claim of slamming both he and the program he signed with.

Last week during an interview with SEC Country, Young revealed that Meyer was very rude with his early assessment of Young, going as far as to call the five-star recruit "insubstantial." It's not a good look for any coach, let alone one of the two or three most recognizable faces in college football.

That's why Meyer has responded to Young's claims and defended what happened during that recruitment, but did admit mistakes were made.

"I did read it. We have a lot of respect for him as a player, a lot," Meyer said. "I was very disappointed in our staff that we didn't offer him earlier. Then about the treatment thing, we don't do that on purpose, if that's his feelings. I went back and talked to our staff about it. We don't want that to be happening, but that was one [recruit] out of 650 saying 'Someone has treated me bad.'"

Meyer also conceded that his staff may have missed on their evaluation of Young.

"We did not offer him early," Meyer said. "When we did want to offer him afterwards and felt like he was a great player, I think we missed on him early on and I was very upset with our coaching staff and the recruiter in that area and the position coach. That's the way we do our business here. Yeah, we did address that -- I don't want that out there."

Read the full interview with ESPN here.

Were you satisfied with Meyer's response to Young's claims?