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North Carolina getting schooled on social media after crushing loss to Villanova

Yeah, we went there.

If you've paid attention to North Carolina's academic scandal that's been going on for the past two decades, you'd know the Tar Heels epitomized the bad guys more than any team in this year's NCAA Tournament.

The belief for awhile now has been the scandal would blow over and UNC 'might' get hit with a slap-on-the-wrist punishment, at least in comparison to how badly they deserved to be punished, if for no other reason than to preserve the NCAA's false image of ''student-athletes.'

So pardon me and the rest of the world for taking a little extra joy in how the Heels saw their season end on a buzzer-beating three-pointer in the national championship, a fate worse than perhaps any penalty the NCAA could have given out.

UNC will now get a similar type of annual torture UK fans get in how often they must watch the Laettner shot replayed over and over and over and over...but even that shot was just to advance to the Final Four.

Kris Jenkins' shot was for all the marbles, and it prevented UNC from hanging Banner No. 6 when they probably should be taking one or two banners down. It's now a moment the Heels will have to watch replay after replay for the rest of time, especially when tournament time comes around.

UNC alum Michael Jordan and the dreaded Crying Jordan meme were out in full force following the game.

Even crying Villanova flute girl got some pub:

UNC alum and turner sports broadcast Kenny 'The Jet' Smith had to watch helplessly as Nova won on a miracle shot, which really made fellow Turner broadcaster Charles Barkley a happy man.

You 'almost' have to feel bad for the UNC announcers as the shot was made and they were clearly crushed as it the final horn sounded:

All kidding aside, you do have to feel bad for the UNC mascot getting socked after the game:

In the end, this was an all-time great game for any sport, and it was a fitting end for a UNC program that's probably not getting any punishment remotely close to as painful as losing this game the way they did.