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Marques Bolden trending towards UK as John Calipari is super swaggy; Coincidence?

Maybe it's coincidence, but if nothing else, it's a fun coincidence to watch unfold.

When John Calipari is being swaggy, the college hoops world takes notice.

Now given, Cal has always been a social media maestro and probably one of the more outgoing coaches on this platform in just about any sport. Whether it's posting a few playful tweets, doing a mailbag or posting random videos or pictures online, Cal gets it when it comes to embracing the Big Blue Nation and Kentucky Basketball.

But this week, Swaggy Cal has been a little extra swaggy.

It started on Thursday when Cal posted this workout video, which involved Cal watching highlights of the 2012 NCAA Championship Game, not to mention Cal talking about actually coaching into his 70s.

Cal hinted a second video as part of his routine, which ended up being posted Friday afternoon. But between these videos being posted, something odd happened in the ongoing recruitment of Marques Bolden.

For several weeks now, Duke has been viewed as the slight favorite for the five-star center, though not enough so that Kentucky didn't have a good shot of landing him and completing a monster 2016 class.

If you follow the 247 Sports Crystal Ball, it's been heavily in favor of Duke for a while now, but not on Friday...

Three different Duke insiders suddenly began pegging Bolden to UK is a clear sign they got word of something not so positive for the Blue Devils sometime on Thursday or Friday. Adam Rowe especially has been one of the better insiders for his respective team that you'll find, so when he says something, you should listen.

It's hard to say what exactly was said, but there's no question this has been a very positive development for Cal and his Cats.

Which again brings us to the 'random' Calipari workout videos.

Now given, neither of the videos hints at so much as adding another player to the 2016 class, but just seeing him all of the sudden being so swaggy in a public manner just as momentum for Bolden is swirling towards UK is interesting to say the least.

Maybe it's coincidence, but if nothing else, it's a fun coincidence to watch unfold.