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Behind the Curtain: 2 slants and 4 verticals

To be able to throw the ball consistently, many ingredients must come together. Here is a film breakdown of 2 of UKs more popular passing concepts.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

This edition is dissecting two simple pass plays which are in every offensive coordinator's playbook. The 3 step slant in the quick game and the 4 vertical passing concept in the 5 step game.  The slant is typically called when an outside receiver is being given space by a corner and the  linebacker inside is either expected to blitz, or being manipulated by some sort or run action.

On the first clip, UK is able to manipulate the linebacker out of the slant window, but in the second, it was not. The reason was a poor run fake, a poor route and the down and distance situation of the game. [Coach Gran is bringing a run-pass option form of this play. So, if the linebacker hangs, the quarterback will hand off the ball.]

The second clip in the video below, the linebacker never moved from the slant window. He was able to bracket inside with the corner bracketing from the outside.

Four verticals is a much longer developing play. It is meant to get 4 receivers attacking three deep defenders.

On neither 4 vertical  clip was UK able to get the time to allow the receivers to pressure the deep safety to make a choice.  Below is an example of an inside receiver outrunning the under coverage and time to throw coming together for a nice 4 vertical completion.