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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: You Pick the Rival Series

You tell me who the biggest rivals are to the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Rivals are a funny thing. Some rivals we hate. Some rivals we actually respect. Some rivals we wish we didn't have to play so often. But one thing is for sure, rivalries make something as engrossing and dramatic as sports even more engrossing and dramatic.

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees play each other multiple times a season and have recently met in the playoffs. But that doesn't detract from the most venomous, heated rivalry in major league baseball.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins are division rivals and natural rivals, just look at their mascots. The Boston Celtics and the Las Angelas Lakers rivalry used to dominate the NBA, but since both teams have taken a downturn recently, that rivalry has simmered a bit.

The Kentucky Wildcats have a long list of teams that could be considered rivals and numerous players and coaches on those teams that can be considered villains. But which teams are the big ones? Which teams can you not stand with every fiber of your being? Or, which teams do you consider rivals but also peers? Because there can be respect and admiration in a rivalry.

I want to start a series on this topic that will last a few weeks. I want to highlight our rivals, why they are a rival, and the major players in the rivalry. I will give you the reader an opportunity to vote on which teams you think are the biggest rivals to Kentucky basketball.

Also, in the comments section, please elaborate as to why you view a particular team as a rival and the players/coaches that REALLY get under your skin.  I will take the top five and compose individual posts about them and use some of your quotes as to why you particularly don't like a team. You can also tweet your thoughts to me @Round_Daddy or leave comments on the A Sea of Blue Facebook page.

I know there will be a couple of no-brainers, but I'm really curious to see which teams make your list and why. And this is strictly for basketball, I will run a separate football poll later this summer.

Happy voting!