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Jayson Tatum confident Marques Bolden picks Duke over Kentucky

Marques Bolden continues to mull over his college choice, but Jayson Tatum thinks Duke will emerge as the victor.

USA Today Sports

The saga of Marques Bolden has yet to yield an end point as the five-star big man's recruitment is likely heading into the month of May.

After Bolden was supposedly ready to make a decision two weeks ago, there has been no indication Bolden has done such while not even hinting as to when an announcement may come. At this point, both the Duke Blue Devils and Kentucky Wildcats aren't sure what Bolden is going to do, but that doesn't mean their players aren't.

Five-star wing and Duke signee Jayson Tatum just wrote a blog post for USA Today Sports, and he professed confidence in the Blue Devils edging the Wildcats for Bolden's services.

Of course we’re not done getting players in our class; we still want Marques Bolden!

I’m feeling pretty confident that we’ll get him.

We talk to him a lot in group chats and we hang out with him a lot on the trips that we’ve been going to over the last few weeks so we’re feeling pretty confident. He’s a big piece for us!

I wouldn't put too much into that, and if anything, it may be Tatum trying to put a little extra pressure on Bolden to pick Duke. If any UK signee wrote a blog post right now, I'm sure they'd do something similar.