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Wildcats Quickies: Disband the NCAA Edition

the NCAA is a straight up joke, the NBA playoffs continue, Matthew Mitchell's program is in flux, and more quickies for your hump day.

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Micheal Jordan and Mark Emmert
Micheal Jordan and Mark Emmert
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The revised notice of allegations is out on the University of North Carolina and there are now two very interesting changes and omissions compared to the previous one.

The Men's Basketball team has magically been omitted from any allegations in the decades long academic scandal at the University of North Carolina.  Not only are they no longer a part of the allegations, the timing of the accusations was moved from 2002 to the fall of 2005.

The significance of that is that the Men's team won a basketball national title a few months prior to the fall of 2005.  This essentially assures that not only will the national title be safe, so will the entire basketball program.  There is no real explanation as to why this revision has taken place.

The NCAA will likely hide behind the sham of it being an internal academic issue and not an athletic one or some facsimile.  At this point the NCAA is a complete joke of an organization.

The Memphis Tigers and John Calipari had ONE player who might not have taken his ACT yet the school had to vacate a final four and 38 wins.  Donnie Tyndall has an unprecedented 10 YEAR show cause which has all but ruined his coaching career.  The reason was centered around 4 players and questions of financial aid and academic impropriety.

However, the University of North Carolina has a systemic sham going on at an institutional level, involving hundreds of players, and it seems as though nothing will come of it.  The sheer enormity of the transgressions, combined with the seeming indifference by the NCAA is astounding.

If you wrote a movie based on the real-life actions of the NCAA and the inconsistent actions, it would get laughed off the screen for being so poorly conceived.

The NCAA has made one thing clear, cheat.... cheat all you want and as long as enough people at your university take part, the better your odds of indifference.  One rogue guy does something, they'll blast him to Siberia (Derrick Rose, Donnie Tyndall).  However, get the entire University involved and be a big enough name and you'll skate free.

Hell, the University of Louisville needs to take advantage of this and get the most corrupt University President in America involved and show that he basically signed off on the UL transgressions from the top.  The NCAA is likely to not only accept the self-punishment, they might reward their 'integrity' for it.  However, if they keep singing the rogue employee tune, they are likely to get the death penalty... apparently.

The NCAA needs to disband, they really serve ZERO purpose, other than creating headlines for lunacy.  If the NCAA were a business they would be ENRON... and my apologies to the ENRON guys for lumping them together.



  • I encourage you to check out this interview with 2017 QB Mac Jones by former Wildcat QB Freddie Maggard. I am highly impressed with the kid's thinking on some of these questions.  Very mature and beyond his years.

  • Check out my spot with The Sports Huddle yesterday, we chatted about when to retire jerseys at UK.



  • This might be in the minority... but I hate the face swap pictures.
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