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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: CATSPY Awards Edition

Coach Cal and Tyler Ulis steal the show at the CATSPY's. UK QB recruit offered by Cards, still solid UK.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Quickies.

At the top of today’s news is the annual Catspy awards, which were presented last night at the annual awards banquet in Memorial Coliseum. The word is, Coach Calipari and Tyler Ulis stole the show. Take a look:

Yes, that was Calipari giving his Coach of the Year award to Ulis. Great theater.

Tyler Ulis won the Male Athlete of the Year award along with Men’s soccer’s Callum Irving. For the ladies, Danielle Galyer (swimming and diving) and Kendra Harrison (track and field) were the Female Athlete of the Year winners

There was also a touching moment where UK gymnast Shelby Hilton was awarded the Mike Lyden Courage Award after having been diagnosed with brain cancer. I cannot imagine the calamity of having to deal with cancer, especially a rare form like brain cancer, at such a young age. Our prayers for a continued disease-free life go out to her.

Tweet of the Morning

Well, you knew after Byron Scott was canned, this was inevitable. For those of you sweating it, don’t. Life is short, pain is long, and change is inevitable. But I don’t think we’ll be seeing Calipari in LA LA land except as a spectator.

Your Quickies:

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  • When it comes to Calipari leaving for the pros, Rick Bozich says we’ve seen this movie before:

    Honk if you’ve heard that one before.

    Calipari to the Nets.

    Calipari to the Knicks.

    Calipari to the Cavaliers.

    Calipari to the Bulls.

    Have I missed anybody?

    It can’t be about the money. Calipari has amassed a fortune coaching college basketball at UK, and whatever bad thoughts you have about Rick Pitino moving to Boston, there was one big difference — Boston paid Pitino a ridiculously higher salary by comparison than the Lakers can even dream of offering to Calipari, and UK would not let him go without making it competitive. I doubt that Kentucky would match a $10 million/year offer, but they might. I also doubt that’s forthcoming from Los Angeles.

    Keep in mind that the Lakers are not a good team, and no matter who they hire, they are not likely to be a good team for some years to come. The next coach looks to me like a sacrificial lamb to get through the lean times.

    And one more thing: Cal’s son Brad recently decided to come to UK. To Calipari, getting to coach his son is probably worth 3 million a year.

  • According to the Montgomery Advisor, Marques Bolden is struggling with “life-altering decision.” Hat tip: Aaron’s blog.

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  • So you were expecting the North Carolina Tar Heels to be smacked down for all the academic fraud reaching back decades? Seriously? Let me paraphrase a famous aphorism: “The NCAA is so mad at North Carolina’s men’s basketball team that they are putting the UNC women’s basketball team on probation.”

    John Clay has more here.

  • Mark Story says the scandals at North Carolina and Louisville should teach the NCAA some lessons:

    Here’s a radical thought: The NCAA would be better served if it conducted its investigations to the end, let its infractions process run its full course and then imposed penalties itself via a uniform process.

    No more "self-imposing" by member schools.

    I think he has a point.


    Hope you’re not holding your breath… And for some dark humor:


  • Damion Lee and Trey Lewis named honorary grand marshals for the 2016 Pegasus Parade. I’m sure they’re honored, but I’ll bet they’d trade this for a chance to play in the NCAA tournament in a heartbeat. Just saying.

  • Mark Cuban has pissed off Kevin Durant. Well, to be fair, Cuban has pissed off almost everybody in America at one point or another, so I’m not sure this is news.

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