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Marcus Lee, Isaac Humphries, others take part in CATSPY Awards Karaoke

It's awards season for all Kentucky Wildcats sports as the annual CATSPY awards were held Monday night.

The 14th annual CATSPY Awards, celebrating the 2015-16 athletics year at UK, were held Monday in Memorial Coliseum as various Wildcat players and teams took home awards ranging from Team of the Year, Coach of the Year and Player of the Year.

Oh, and it saw the now-famous CATSPYs Karaoke make a return as junior forward Marcus Lee, freshman center Isaac Humphries, freshman guard Dillan Pulliam and junior guard EJ Floreal take part in the fun.

It saw Lee bust out the air guitar, Isaac look like he's auditioning for Men in Black, and EJ just being EJ. It also featured some pretty funny interactions with some unsuspecting drive-thru workers who apparently don't watch Kentucky basketball.

Give it a view:

The UK women's soccer team also got in on the fun:

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