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Mac Jones wins another challenge; Gets offer from Louisville Cardinals


Mac Jones is quickly becoming one of the top quarterback prospects of the 2017 class.

Jones was just named MVP of the Rivals QB Challenge in Baltimore over the weekend. He's already won events in Orlando and Atlanta, but the Baltimore challenge saw more elite QB prospects competing, which Jones is putting himself in the same tier as.

"From the moment he stepped on that field, he felt he was going to win this thing," recruiting analyst Mike Farrell told the Lexington Herald-Leader. "There was no doubt in his mind. Second place was never an option for him. And I really like that about him."

Oh, and he's also a firm commit for the Kentucky Wildcats, and even with schools like Alabama, West Virginia and others pursuing him, Mac has given no indication he's wavering on his pledge.

"As he continues to do better and wins these things, more and more schools are going to come in," Farrell said. "Originally, the thought was if he got one of those huge SEC offers he was going to stay close to home and go play there. But, it’s not like he jumped on the Alabama offer. So, you just kind of have to think about that."

While UK should be able to hold onto Jones, he will continue to get offers from many BCS programs, including the Louisville Cardinals.

I got a good laugh out of seeing the reaction this drew on Twitter. People are freaking out over  a BCS program offering a possible five-star prospect a scholarship, not to mention the Cards having a heavy recruiting presence in Florida, so it was only a matter of time before they offered Jones.

But it is Louisville, so of course people will make a bigger deal about it than it really is. I'd be far more worried about schools like Alabama before I worry about the Cards. People aren't giving Mac enough credit for not only how committed to UK he is, but how much he's recruiting fellow 2017 recruits to UK.