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Wildcats Quickies: Return of the Mac Edition

UK Commit Mac Jones continues his ascension, still bummed about Prince, the Bat 'Cats win on a walk-off, and a lady of the diamond makes some history... this and much more for your Monday morning quickies.

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Kentucky's Quarterback of the future, Mac Jones took part in the 2016 Rivals challenge and came away with the overall top honors.

Jones was recently upgraded to a 4-star prospect and received an offer from Alabama.  With this newest accolade, Jones will only elevate his status as an elite QB and draw even more attention.

Jones is shaping up to be a Drew Barker-esque recruit that could be the centerpiece of a strong class that could be the bridge from rebuilding to contending.



  • Kentucky Softball player Kelsey Nunley became the most tenured Wildcat ever by pitching her 900th inning this weekend.  She is only the 9th player in the conference to reach the milestone.

  • The Kentucky Baseball team has some guys on the mound absolutely rocking it lately, but the bats are not keeping up their end of the bargain.  Kentucky has been able to avoid back to back sweeps, but only by the hair of their chins,including a walk-off, bottom of the 9th with two outs win over Arkansas.

  • Two of the top recruits in all of America are talking about a possible 'package deal' for the two of them.  Both hold UK offers and both have noted UK interest.  It would be a helluva duo with point guard Trae Young and MKG-esque Michal Porter Jr.  Package deals rarely pan out as such, but it is always entertaining and with Calipari involved it is never something out of the question.

  • UK Athletics did something really cool for a girl and her mom who is dying of cancer.  The school allowed her to swim in a UK intrasquad scrimmage for her mom to be able to see her daughter compete at the collegiate level.  Madison is technically still in high school so the circumstances were quite extenuated, kudus to UK athletics for making it happen.

  • Devin Booker is not just one of the most impressive rookies in the NBA, he is apparently good at the plate too.  He won a homerun derby at Larry Fitzgerald's celebrity softball homerun derby this weekend.


  • Below is where the NBA playoffs stand (not included is last nights Cavs result).


In Honor of Prince, the random quickies will be all about the man.

  • My top 5 Prince Songs
  1. Purple Rain
  2. Let's Go Crazy
  3. 7
  4. When Doves Cry
  5. 1999
  • You know about Prince's famous Super Bowl rain performance, but did you know that not only did he welcome it, he wanted it to rain harder.  In this article about the event, the executive producer of the show, Don Mischer recounted the below conversation about it raining.

Mischer: "I want you to know it's raining."

Prince: "Yes, it's raining."

Mischer: "Are you okay?"

Prince: "Can you make it rain harder?"

  • If you have not seen the skit from 'Chappelle's show' of Charlie Murphy telling the story of him and his brother (Eddie Murphy) being invited back to Prince's house for basketball and pancakes, do yourself a favor and set aside 6 minutes and watch this.

  • Kevin Smith was at Kent State University one day as a speaker and was asked about a 'documentary' he had shot for Prince that would likely never see the light of day.  Smith turned it into a riveting 30 minute story about the event and I had no desire to spend that time watching... but it sucked me in.  Check it out.

  • Here are 24 short stories (with links to the longer versions) about Prince that are odd, cool, weird... essentially Prince.

  • Finally, raise your hand if you think your drivers license/passport photo portrays you in a positive light? (crickets, no hands raised) Now look at Prince's passport picture, because of course.