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Wendell Carter plans to visit for Big Blue Madness; Package deal with Gary Trent?

Atlanta Hoops TV

Wendell Carter Jr. is among the top prospects in the 2017 class, so of course every blue-blood program is coming after him.

Ranked No. 2 overall in the ESPN 60, No. 6 by 247 and No. 4 by, Carter is not only making his case as the best big man in 2017, but the top overall prospect.

As for his list of colleges: It's not too shabby with the likes of Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and...Harvard?

"Yeah. My first official visit is going to be to Harvard in the fall," Carter said this weekend at the Nike EYBL.

Academics are a big deal to this big man, which gives schools like Duke and Harvard a boost in his recruitment. But anytime you're talking about an elite talent and like NBA lottery pick like Carter, Kentucky is more often than not in the picture.

Not only is UK after Carter, but good friend and fellow 2017 recruit Gary Trent Jr., whom Carter confirmed the package deal for them is still on as they look to play college basketball together.

"We talk about it often," Carter said of the package deal talk. "But I’m not sure. Maybe 75 percent. I don’t want to make any promises (laughs)."

And they're currently planning to visit UK for Big Blue Madness. Carter is looking forward to it, but also getting to see what UK is like outside of the hardwood.

"Just seeing what the atmosphere is like during big games, how the fans treat their players and them coming out and filling up in the gym," carter said of the BBM experience. Then, of course, you want to see some of the things they do off the court. I plan on going back again during school so I can see how it goes. I don’t want to just be on the court but off the court too."

That may be a good thing since UK is a stronger academic school that most people give it credit for, perhaps including Carter.

"I don’t know how to answer that. Of course, they’re a great basketball school, like I said. They’re not the worst academic school ever. They’re still up there in terms of academics."

Ok then. Here are some highlights of Carter to show why he's being considered as the best 2017 has to offer.