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Marcus Lee and Isaiah Briscoe ranked by CBS as 2nd-round NBA Draft Prospects

All it takes is one decision-maker for Briscoe and/or Lee to be drafted. Is that enough for them to stay in the draft?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to any professional draft, all it takes is one team to like you in order to be drafted.

Case in point: Neither Isaiah Briscoe or Marcus Lee are viewed as draftable prospects by most NBA teams, coaches or executives. But with 30 NBA teams, all it takes is one of them to like Briscoe or Lee to get them drafted.

Over at CBS, Sam Vecenie ranked the top 83 draft-eligible underclassmen who've declared. Though there was never an official announcement by Lee or Briscoe, Vecenie and many others are assuming they're declared after John Calipari's public declaration of his Cats entering the draft.

And while Briscoe is expected to return, Vecenie thinks the freshman guard could go fairly high in Round 2 if he stays in the draft.


Scouting Profile: Kentucky has said all of its players will be putting their names into the draft, so that includes Briscoe. Of any player in all of college basketball who will need to make a choice on his staying in the draft, Briscoe might have the hardest decision to make. On one hand, his freshman season at Kentucky wasn't great as he was often a point guard relegated to playing the 3 spot due to the presence of Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray. It could really benefit him to return and show that he can be a lead guard. Therein lies the problem though, as Kentucky has recruited over him and brought in De'Aaron Fox. Plus, as a 20 year old freshman, transferring becomes a trickier ask. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, as he would not be a first round pick, and could easily go undrafted if he decides to stay in the draft. I honestly wish Briscoe the best in this situation, because from the outside it seems like an impossible choice.

Hiring Agent? Unclear

Draft range: Second round to undrafted

Vecenie also has Lee ranked as a fringe second-round prospect, but could see him going early in Round 2.


Scouting Profile: Lee is part of the Kentucky group that seems to simply be declaring as a part of the new rules. On one hand, Lee is a springy, bouncy athlete who is explosive at the rim and can really move both laterally and in space. However, his offensive game has never totally come along, and his body doesn't look ready to handle the rigors of the NBA yet. It'd be possible someone would take a second round shot, but undrafted is just as likely. My guess is he'll return to school.

Hiring Agent? Unclear

Draft range: Early second round to undrafted

One one hand, this is just one opinion of a CBS writer and not an actual NBA scout or decision-maker. On the other hand, looking at these rankings not only shows how weak of a draft class this is, but how fast Lee and Briscoe can move up the rankings if guys ahead of them return to school.

Looking at Briscoe's spot, it's very possible guys like Antonio Blakeney, Isaiah Taylor, Dillon Brooks, Malik Pope, Troy Williams, Justin Jackson, Josh Hart and Malik Newman decide to return (and they should) to school.

Then Briscoe is suddenly sitting just outside of the first round. He came to Kentucky wanting to be a one-and-done player, so maybe that's enough for him to make the NBA jump.

As for Lee, he may be ready to move on and make some money while playing. He may not play much next year with Uk bringing in a loaded frontcourt, not to mention Marques Bolden is still out there, so even a decent shot at being drafted may be enough for Lee to go.

At least based on what Vecenie is saying, that's very possible. And again, Briscoe and Lee are going to be viewed as undraftable prospects by most, if not all NBA teams.

But all it takes is one, and just one decision-maker telling Briscoe and/or Lee "we'll draft you" may be all it takes for them to go pro. I think both will be back, but this is a reminder to not assume either will be playing for Kentucky next season.