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Marques Bolden Delays Commitment; May Announce At School This Week

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Marques Bolden saga will not end Sunday.

Despite Bolden planning on making an announcement by April 17th, his 18th birthday, it does not appear he's ready to make his college choice, according to is father and Bolden himself.

While Bolden did set a deadline for Sunday, he's also said he wants to announce his commitment at his high school in Texas, so maybe they'd rather wait until early next week when school is in session to make the announcement.

So that means we'll be watching this recruitment for a little while longer, though Bolden has stressed multiple times that he needs to make a decision soon and end his recruitment.

From what I've gathered, the Kentucky coaching staff has no idea what Bolden is doing, despite previous rumors suggesting they were confident in landing the five-star center. At this time, that confidence does not exist. It doesn't mean they won't land Bolden, but don't mistake this as a recruitment that's done for UK. John Calipari and his staff still have work to do to land Bolden.

And I've also gathered that the Duke staff still feels confident that Bolden becomes a Blue Devil. They did get a little nervous if Bolden had announced Friday night at the Jordan Brand Classic, but they feel a lot better now the Bolden is deciding later this week.

As for Bolden himself, genuinely become torn between the two schools due to a number of reasons.

He's good friends with recruits from both schools and doesn't want to have to say no to one group of them. Another factor is Bolden's mom pushing for Duke, even though Bolden was once leaning towards UK. I can say confidently that's changed and he's become genuinely torn between both schools.

So at this point, it's really hard to say where Bolden ends up. People are upset that Bolden appears to be milking his recruitment to keep the spotlight himself, but that is not the case. He's simply finding it hard to say no to one school and group of friends/family, which you absolutely cannot fault him for.

We'll just have to wait a little longer for Bolden to reach what hopefully is 'his' decision and 'his' alone.

One other note: We're hearing Jarrett Allen is longer a realistic option. He's going to pick Texas or Houston, though he may keep Kentucky among his finalists simply to add a little more spotlight to his recruitment, but UK won't be the pick.