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Erik Korem leaving Kentucky Football

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats' restructuring of the weightlifting and conditioning program will not include Erik Korem.

According to's Patrick Loney, Korem is leaving UK to take a similar position with the Houston Texans in the NFL.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Korem is leaving UK for another job. His high-performance program was rumored to be getting minimized this offseason in favor of a more traditional weightlifting and conditioning program. There were frequent rumors of player unhappiness and guys not buying into Korem's program during last season's 5-7 campaign, though it's unclear if that really factored into Korem leaving for what looks like a promotion if he's getting to work in the NFL.

Despite the reported upheaval, there was no denying Korem's specialized program was having a positive impact on the team. The past two years have seen UK avoid injuries more than either the Joker Phillips or Rich Brooks regime.

But while players weren't getting hurt as much, they did clearly wear down more as the season wore on in each of the past two seasons. A 5-1 start in 2014 and 4-1 start in 2015 saw both seasons end with 5-7 marks as the Cats often looked gassed and broken down during the second half of both years.

That's supposedly why Mark Stoops wanted to incorporate a more traditional S&C program this offseason, though he did stress the desire for Korem to stay and keep using his program to lesser degree.