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Tyler Ulis calls out Dan Dakich; Loves when Kentucky fans jump him on Twitter

Ulis >>>>> Dakich.

USA Today Sports

The moment we've all been waiting for finally came this week, twice in fact.

Tyler Ulis was easily the best point guard in college basketball this past season, but Dan Dakich actually said at one point that Ulis was not among the ESPN analyst's list of top-five point guards.

Well, Ulis took to Twitter on Friday to let Dakich what he thought:

Ulis also did an appearance on KSR and said he loves seeing UK fans jump all over Dakich on Twitter.

The first thing out of Ulis’ mouth was about Kentucky fans going at Dan Dakich, who he admits he had never heard of, on Twitter.

When asked about feeling the love from UK fans, Ulis told KSR, "I feel it everyday on Twitter. They made it hard on — who was the guy? Um, Dan Dakich? WOW. They’re still tweeting to him to this day. It’s just a great fan base and I love them."

"I didn’t really care (about Dakich’s comments)," he continued. "It was just funny to see them giving him such a hard time for a long time. It’s funny and it shows how they have your back."

There's no question Ulis now one of the most beloved figures in UK lore now. None.