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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Jordan Brand Classic Edition

Where is Marques Bolden going to sign?

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Keeping up with recruiting can be frustrating. Fickle teenagers, public misinformation, ambiguity, all contribute to the "fog of recruiting". It can be rather obvious where a national-level talent will go to school. They are going to "Major Program X", commence yelling across the interwebs. And sometimes the situation builds to a crescendo with each fanbase thinking they are going to land a major player.

What is Marques Bolden thinking today, for example. It's unclear when he's announcing evidence being sparse. Tonight the Jordan Brand Classic takes place in NYC and BBN supporters will be looking for a sign to finish this signing class with one last piece of talent.

Tweet of the Morning

We figured the secondary would be a strength for this team for the next three seasons.

Nice. Maybe the game will be worth checking out.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Spring game aspirations, per KSR. Here's my key: the one's should take care of business against the two's despite vanilla play-calling on both sides of the ball. Then, no one get hurt. Enjoy the game if you make it to CWS tomorrow.
  • I'm liking the new receivers coach. Were UofL fans actually happy to see him go, or can we chalk up their reaction to typical fan rationalizing?
  • Matt Elam is beginning to recognize his potential. Elam was a victim of his own hype coming out of high school. Alabama taking an interest elevated his status, but 'Bama intended him to develop over two to three years while UK was forced to play him early. That fact gets forgotten.
  • Boom is back on track. Boom was 8th in the SEC in rushing last season despite only playing in 10 games, and only ranking 12th in average carries per game. He had an impressive sophomore season.
Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports

College football
College basketball
  • Team Speed Kills announced new management this week. Expect SB Nation's SEC website to have an increased focus on college basketball next season.
  • Here's a full round-up of underclassmen going pro.
Other sports news
Other news