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DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall will have new NBA coaches

George Karl is getting fired, and Boogie is already getting blamed for having yet another head coach fired.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The NBA regular season will end Wednesday night, and so too will the brief stint of George Karl in Sacramento.

According to multiple media reports, Karl will be fired by the Kings following the conclusion of their season, which once again will see the franchise end with a losing season and no postseason.

And yet, for all of the problems this franchise has suffered through, Cousins will once again be pointed to as a big reason why they're going through yet another coach.

Sure, Cousins has been a hard player to deal with and coach, but he's far from being the main problem of the front-office mess the Kings have had for almost a decade now. They've not had a winning season since 2006 and haven't even won 39 games during that span, which has featured seven seasons of less than 30 wins.

Yeah, that's not Cousins' fault, and he's not the only former Wildcat getting a new coach.

The Wizards are planning to fire head coach Randy Wittman following the conclusion of their season. It's apparently going to end pretty ugly as Wall reportedly cursed out Wittman and his teammates before a recent game, leading to Wall being suspended.

It's tough watching these former Wildcat greats going through tough times in the pros. While no one is crying for their millionaires ballers, both of them are fierce competitors who hate losing and badly just want to be in the postseason and competing for championships.

They'll have to wait another year to get that chance, but hopefully their respective franchises will hire quality head coaches who help them take the next step.

Oh, and John Calipari isn't going to either team, so let's just nip that in the bud now.