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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Softball Sweep Edition

The UK softball team swept #8 LSU in Baton Rouge, jumps back in SEC race.

Darrell Ingham/Getty Images

It’s Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation. Today’s big story is the Kentucky Wildcats softball team, known around these parts as the Hittin’ Kittens. The #15-ranked Wildcats swept the #8 LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge, with Kelsey Nunley (who else) starring as the Wildcats shut out the Tigers for three straight games, including a complete-game shutout in the series finale.

After being swept at home by the #3 Auburn Tigers last week, this series was a remarkable bounce-back effort that puts Kentucky right back in the SEC race at 11-4, with only one more loss than 12-3 Florida and 9-3 Auburn. Kentucky is 34-8 overall with 12 more games left in the series. The Kittens take the diamond again tomorrow in a mid-week tilt versus nearby Eastern Kentucky.

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Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Landon Young revises and extends his remarks on Urban Meyer, trying to mend fences a bit, apparently. Laudable.

    Meyer’s comments, in my opinion, were both instructive and disappointing. First, he blames the pejorative comments on his staff:

    “I did read it. We have a lot of respect for him as a player, a lot,” Meyer said. “I was very disappointed in our staff that we didn’t offer him earlier. Then about the treatment thing, we don’t do that on purpose, if that’s his feelings. I went back and talked to our staff about it.

    So here, he admits fault but passes the buck. He then promptly rationalizes it:

    “We don’t want that to be happening, but that was one [recruit] out of 650 saying ‘Someone has treated me bad.’“

    Yes, but as we know, for every one saying that, a number more are thinking it and just keeping quiet. So please, spare me the rationalization. Meyer did good when he admitted fault, and then defecated all over his own good intentions with buck-passing and excuse-making. Perfect.

  • The Spring Game is coming:

  • Can you believe that Jojo Kemp will be a senior this season? It seems only yesterday that he was a freshman, and had Mark Stoops thinking he was going to “pull a knife out of his sock and stab somebody.”

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Let the games continue:

  • Expect a call from Rick Pitino, then:

  • Wow, Villanova has more wins in the last two years than UK? Amazing.

Other sports news
  • Jordan Spieth’s collapse at the Masters was epic, to be sure. I haven’t seen a professional leading a golf tournament lay the sod over two shots in a row like Spieth did at #12. All he had to do in the world was hit his first shot over the water, and he very likely wins the tournament with two par 5’s to go.

    This reminds me of Greg Norman’s collapse back in 1996, when the 12th once again smote a leader’s ruin into the salubrious turf of Augusta National. Norman would only be competitive in the Masters once more after that, but he was much older than Spieth is.

    It will be fascinating to see how he comes back from this debacle. It’s funny how, in the big scheme of things, there is really no difference between losing by one or by 20 (except for the really nice 2nd-place paycheck and all those FedEx cup points), but the psychology of a collapse like this in the game of golf is different from any other sport. Golf is played so much more between the ears than between the white stakes, and a fiasco like this one carries the potential of significant metaphorical brain damage. Ouch.

    In a rather bizarre twist made “only in America,” Spieth’s sponsor, Under Armor, experienced a stock meltdown immediately after the Masters, as if people suddenly don’t want to be associated with such a misadventure by virtue of their athletic apparel. Double-ouch.

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