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Wildcats Quickies: Masters Edition

The Masters wraps up, 'Bama is going after a UK commitment, and Duke's point guard is transferring amid his uncle calling Duke to the rug for it, and more quickies to kick off you Monday

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The Masters at Augusta is a tradition unlike any other in the golfing world.  It also offers a pleasant change of pace for any sports fan as College Basketball recently ended and there are fewer things better than a lazy, sunny Sunday watching the final round of The Masters.

Youth is beginning to rule the game and the final pairing of the tournament is a microcosm of that.  The reigning champ, Jordan Spieth, was paired with Smylie Kaufman.  Spieth is 22 years old, and Kaufman is 24 years old, that's a combined 46 years of being alive between the two.

To take it a step further, Kaufman is playing in his very first Masters, so how did he prepare for Augusta you wonder.  He played the course on Tiger Woods video game thousands of times, of course.

The winner of this year's Masters and taking home a green jacket was Danny Willett.  Jordan Spieth appeared to be running away with the final round when he was up by FIVE shots at -7 following FOUR straight birdies.  However, inexplicably, he went bogey, bogey, and then quadruple bogey on 10, 11, and 12.

This opened up the door for the Englishman to win his first Masters.  The greatest part of Willett's win is that he should not have even been playing.  The earlier than expected birth of his son opened up the door for Willett to participate.  He had already made the decision to miss the Masters if his kid would have not been born before the tournament.

The shot of the tournament was easily the hole-in-one by Louis Oosthuizen on number 16.  He played an inadvertent bank shot off another ball for the Ace.

Earlier this year, Sportscenter did a top 10 Masters only segment.  There is also a top-10 shots in Masters history video.  Check it out below for your entertainment.





  • The Shannon Dawson experience was a long and dreadful season for UK fans, but there could be a big payoff for Big Blue Nation in UK Commit Mac Jones.  Jones was recently bumped to a 4-star recruit and now he has an offer from the Kentucky of Football, Alabama.  Anytime Nick Saban comes around sniffing, it is trouble, but recruiting guru Patrick Loney chatted with Jones recently and he is still solid to UK

  • The ladies of the diamond took the field last night for the rubber match against top-10 foe LSU.  They took down the Bayou Bengals 3-0 and clinches a series win for the #15 'Cats.  Meagan Prince went the distance on the mound for the complete game shutout.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns is going to be in rarified air soon, he is going to join a list of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, David Robinson, Tim Duncan, and Chris Paul.  Towns is going to finish his likely rookie of the year campaign with having a PER of over 22.0.


  • Duke is losing a prized recruit from last year's class in Derryck Thornton.  The 6'2" freshman has decided to leave Duke and move on.  Thornton is a player that Coach K and Duke pushed to reclassify and essentially skip his senior year to come to Durham.  The move opens up the door for UK target Marques Bolden and Coach K and crew are coming under heavy scrutiny for the move.  Thornton's purported uncle, Mark Edwards took to Twitter to call Duke and Coach K to the rug.

  • Johnny Manziel continues to try and get his life under control in his bid to find a suitor for his talents.  He has decided to move in with Von Miller as a way to have some accountability in his life.
  • This is a pretty crazy story about a lady who cheated to win triathlons and eventually qualified for the World Finals in the sport. A few curious competitors started piecing together an intricate deception and she was ultimately disqualified and barred.
  • The Golden State Warriors are 72-9 on the season after taking down the San Antonio Spurs. They have one game left vs. the Memphis Grizzlies.  If they win that game, they will finish 73-9 and break the 95-96 Bulls NBA record of 72-10.
  • On Saturday, a fan dropped a nice little bomb on Bubba Watson when he decided to comment on the fan being too close his ball, in fairness to Watson, he had a strong retort also:
Watson, who also declined to talk to the media Saturday, had some fun with the spectators, too. After slicing his drive into the woods on No. 10, Watson asked a patron to give him some room.

"Can you back up, you're really not supposed to be back here," he said.

"Neither is your ball," the fan said.

"I don't know about you, but I have two green jackets," said Watson, before he pitched back into the fairway. "Thanks for coming."

  • Don't look now, but the Cincinnati Reds (who I am a big fan of) are not supposed to be good, yet they are trying to change the narrative.  The Reds are in a rebuilding year, but they are 5-1 and should be 6-0.  The Reds have five regulars above .300 and one of them is not Joey Votto, yet.  The cruel, but fair, thing about baseball is over 162 games you become promoted or exposed.  So, I will reserve my full judgement until around July, but it is a fun ride so far and Reds fans need to enjoy it while it lasts.


  • My Top 5 appointment viewing Olympic Events
  1. Gymnastics
  2. Soccer
  3. Track & Field (sprint events)
  4. Volleyball
  5. Diving
  • If you got sucked into the TV series 'The People vs. O.J.', you should be excited for ESPN's 'OJ: Made in America' 30-for-30 that is coming out in June.  The guys at 30-for-30 always kill it and this trailer has me excited about this one too.
  • The people at 'Game of Thrones' have revealed one sure thing about Jon Snow... he is certainly dead.  It is yet to be determined if that means he is off the show completely.  He is likely not as his own comments indicate, nonetheless, we are getting closer and closer to the GOT season and I am pumped.
  • The folks at Disney are doing something pretty awesome with their rejuvenated Star Wars movies, they are going to release spinoff movies every other year.  The spinoffs will fill in holes of other major events during the Star Wars series.  The first release, 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', talks of stealing the plans for the deathstar.
  • A couple of outstanding citizens in Brazil decided to rob a bank, they thought they had a foolproof plan but they were waaaaaaaaay too much of fools themselves, apparently.  They thought if they covered theirselves in aluminum foil that the bank alarms would not detect them.