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#15 UK Softball at #9 LSU - Game Two - Preview and Gamethread

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Yesterday's game went right to the wire as both teams were scoreless through the bottom of the 6th. And then Kelsey Nunley did Kelsey Nunley things, and the Hittin' Kittens walked away with the W. How can they take the series today in Baton Rouge?

Pitcher's Duels are always fun to watch, and yesterday's was particularly epic. Carley Hoover of LSU was barreling over the Kittens, who managed to get exactly ZERO hits through the bottom of the sixth. Hoover threw an impressive ten strikeouts, and it looked like the Cats would never get on the board.

Then the 7th inning happened. The Cats had loaded the bases on a walk (Breanne Ray) and two hit batters (Brooklin Hinz and Maisie Steed).  Sylver Samuel, our slapper extraordinaire, nailed a double to bring pinch runner Ansley Smith home and the game was suddenly 1-0 Kentucky. It was the Cats to win, or to lose.

And Kelsey Nunley made sure it was ours to win. Throwing a complete game shutout, she allowed only 5 hits and 3 walk on the day. With 2 runners on and 2 outs, Nunley didn't seem the least bit concerned as the count swelled before she hurled her 5th K to end the game.

What should we expect to see today? We know Meagan Prince will be in the circle for the Cats. I'm not at all certain who will be up for the Tigers: they may stick with Hoover, who truly looked darned near perfect yesterday. They may swap in Allie Walljasper, who pulled in their win over Southern Miss on Thursday night. They may go to Sydney Smith, who struggled against Georgia in the Tiger's last SEC battle. Whoever ends up pitching, expect a battle today.

What else should we expect to see? I'd not heard a lot about LSU's overall defense outside of their pitchers but the infield looked great yesterday. The Cats had some unfortunate bobbles, but overall looked pretty strong.

So how will the Cats take the series today?

  1. NO ERRORS. Officially we only had 1 yesterday but it was darned near disastrous.
  2. We've got to figure out how to get the bats singing. If Hoover is back in the circle, that will be easier said than done....that woman has a ton of power behind every toss.
  3. Meagan needs to be darned near perfect. She's had three no-hitters this season, and is perfectly capable of getting another today.

Tonight's game will be on the SEC Network at 7 PM EDT - hope to "see" you here to cheer the Kitten on to victory!