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Jay Bilas says boycotting NCAA Final Four has been discussed among players

A Final Four boycott? Jay Bilas thinks it's very possible.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

College athletics is a joke.

As watching these amazing sports and athletes grow more and more while becoming more and more lucrative, the players — still — are denied even basic compensation above scholarships. Perhaps this is best described recently by Joe Nocera's recent book about the corruption of the NCAA.

Along with Ben Strauss, Nocera is the co-author of "Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA," which discusses the sometimes harsh realities of being a student-athlete in the NCAA.

Now to be somewhat fair to the NCAA, they are giving athletes the chance to earn a degree and a college living, but that's about it. So many other rights are taken for the players, like the ability to make money off of their name and abilities, which instead is where the NCAA makes all of their money.

This is why there's been talk of college athletes revolting at some point in the near future in order to fight for what's theirs and the compensation they deserve in college.

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas discussed that very topic in an interview with Business Insider, including the possibility of players actually boycotting the Final Four if their teams are part of it.

"The idea that somehow, that because a protest has not happened, even though it's been talked about, therefore the NCAA policies limiting athletes to a scholarship only are moral and just, is about as absurd as it gets," Bilas said.

Bilas continued, saying he's heard stories of teams discussing Final Four protests. He added that one team he's been told has discussed it would "shock" people, though he wouldn't reveal what team it was.

"I think it's almost offensive for those that are paid and making millions to tell those that are unpaid and the engine generating millions that they are blessed is equally laughable and kinda sad. ... Because [a boycott of the Final Four] has been discussed among players. And that is not some crazy notion, that’s a fact, it’s a fact that’s been confirmed by multiple people. It’s a possibility.

More power to the players if they do decide to rise up against the NCAA and fight for their rights.

Be sure to read the full interview here.