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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Football Is Back Edition

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Spring practice starts today in Kentucky, even as UK basketball rises.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Quickies.

Coach Mark Stoops wants you to know something this fine Tuesday:

Indeed it is. Spring practice has begun, and Stoops is definitely in need of a bowl season. This year, he just might have the horses to get it done.

Tweet of the Morning

Wise words from a very wise man.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Mark Story says Kentucky fans should prefer that Kentucky finish 2nd in the SEC Tournament. No doubt there is some history of success in that spot. But 37.5% to the Final Four from the championship position isn’t anything to sneeze at.

    Then this:

    1. Cats-Hoosiers. Have a hunch that the former longtime border rivals — who have not played since UK beat IU 102-90 in the 2012 NCAA tourney — are going to see each other during March Madness. According to Monday’s kenpom ratings, Kentucky is No. 8 and Indiana No. 9.

    Gotta admit, the prospect of urinating in Hoosier fan’s Cheerios one more time does seem like a fun idea.

  • Mark this down — Pat Forde has been forced by events to say nice things about Kentucky, and not just in one isolated paragraph. You won’t see this very often, so you might as well take a look.

  • Heh. Twitter is the place people go to display the sick underside of their own humanity.

  • Skal Labissiere and Jamal Murray are named SEC Freshman of the Week and SEC Player of the Week respectively. Nice double, guys.

    Labissiere may have rediscovered himself. If he has, Kentucky suddenly becomes a genuine national championship contender. Right now, I’d say we are at best a fringe contender, something like the 2010-11 team was when it blossomed late in the season.

  • Jay Bilas advises future Ben Simmons-type players to go to Kentucky:

    “It’s fair to ask of Ben Simmons, why doesn’t he win more? Why wasn’t he able to take his team to the NCAA Tournament? I don’t put all the blame on him, all the responsibility on him [but] I think some of what this is doing is really signaling to the next Ben Simmons-type talent, you know, go to Kentucky. Because then you don’t have to listen to people questioning your character and whether you’re a winner. They’re just going to talk about your talent and how good you are because winning isn’t going to be the issue.” [my emphasis]

  • Wildcats make the biggest jump in the AP Top 25.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • Former UK cornerbacks coach Chad Scott:

    I like it.

College basketball
  • Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams shows us the quality of his character: The very highest.

    It is often difficult for the young to understand the sacrifice of the men and women in American uniform; the willingness of the men and women of our armed forces to stand before the wolf, red in tooth and claw, and to offer their lives willingly to the violent defense of this country from those who would do us harm and destroy our way of life.

    Perhaps one day such sacrifices will be needless — but today is not that day. Lessons like the one Buzz taught his young charges will eventually be very meaningful, something they will never forget. Williams is setting a great example here, and it is worth seeing.

  • Referee’s ejecting announcers from games? Tin-god much, dude?

Other sports news
  • Tennis star Maria Sharipova has apparently failed a drug test for a recently-outlawed substance. Porche and TAG Heuer have suspended their relationship with her pending the outcome of the investigation.

  • I have seen a lot of lethal outside shooters in my time, but nobody comes within shouting distance of this guy:

  • Erin Andrews receives $55 million in damages for the naked video recording incident, $28 million from the perpetrator and $27 million from the hotel. Will she be able to keep it? My magic 8-ball says there are two chances: No way, and no how.

    First of all, $28 million is never going to be in the possession of the guy who did the recording. And $27 million for the hotel is just too much for the harm done, and even though I am totally sympathetic and she deserves compensation, the figure is unlikely to survive appeal. Consider:

    To further illustrate how sizable the damages are for Andrews, consider another case from Tennessee. It was from 2014 and involved two men, John O. Jackson and Scott Summerville, who were in a car that was hit by an out-of-control driver. Jackson, who was 82 years old, was killed while Summerville suffered catastrophic and permanent injuries. A court awarded the family of Jackson a little over $1 million and a little under $2 million to Summerville, who was 57 years old.

    The most likely outcome is a negotiated settlement with the hotel company. The other douchenozzle is too poor to matter, no matter how much the judgment is for. He’ll hopefully live out his life in relative poverty and infinite humiliation.

    I suspect she’ll wind up with maybe $10-12 million of that, and it could be a lot less.

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