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Wildcats Quickies: At Least Four More Years? Edition

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Coach Calipari's son will be a Wildcat, which hopefully means his father retires at UK. The SEC Tournament starts Wednesday. UK Baseball with a big walk-off win, and more quickies to kick off your week.

Mark Cornelison

John Calipari gave The Big Blue Nation a great weekend from multiple angles; first off, he finalized another undefeated season at Rupp Arena; there have only been 13 of them in the history of Rupp and Cal now has FIVE of them.  To put that into perspective, before Calipari we witnessed a perfect home season about 24% of the time.  Under Calipari, that number is 71% of the time.

He also delivered another SEC regular season championship for Big Blue Nation to revel in.  This was the 47th SEC title for UK.

Coach Cal also delivered a recruit to the commonwealth that I am guessing BBN would take over nearly any single player in the 2016 class.  Coach Cal's son, Brad, will be suiting up for UK next season and hopefully the next four years.  The reason he is so important is that it stands to reason that John Calipari may certainly finish his coaching career in Lexington.

"First of all, my wife has already told me if he decides to come, ‘you're not leaving,' so that would mean I'm here five more years. If I'm here five more years, why not stay 'til 70, why not sign a new contract and I'll be 70 when I leave.

Seems like everyone coaches until 70, I was thinking 60, but maybe I'll coach until 72, maybe 73," Cal said. "If he comes and he wants to walk on, to be able to spend four years with my son and the ups and downs of this?

The only thing is he likes to talk back, you can't do that when you're playing for me."

While nothing is ever set in stone and it will not keep NBA rumors from happening and will not likely keep NBA teams from coming after Cal, but it is going to be next to impossible to get Cal out of Lexington as long as he is coaching his son.




  • CBS Sports has released their SEC season awards and I am guessing they will be the only logical decision makers we will see.  Tyler Ulis was the SEC player of the year, John Calipari was the coach of the year, and Jamal Murray was 1st team All-SEC along with Tyler.
  • Kentucky had recorded tributes to Alex Poythress from Karl-Anthony Towns, Aaron Harrison, and Kyle Wiltjer.  it was an awesome touch to Senior Night.  I also have video of him being taken out at the end of the game and the ovation he got.

  • Kentucky is sitting at a 4-seed in the latest bracketology.  I think UK is locked in at #4 unless they get to Sunday and at that point I could see the 'Cats as a 3-seed.  Jerry Palm also said he would not put it past the committee to put UK in Louisville even if they are a 4-seed.

  • We know that we are not going to see Jamal Murray in Kentucky Blue and White next season, he will likely be a top-5 pick.  It will help you to see this video of our next shooting guard Malik Monk doing some ridiculousness.

  • Skal Labissiere seemed as though no matter how low he got in the eyes of BBN, the NBA still had an affection for him.  Until the Florida game he had actually started sliding in the projections.  Now after two STRONG games he is shooting back up.  Skal is averaging 14.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 3.5 blocks per game these last two games.  If he continues at that pace, we are going to be a favorite to win #9.
  • Below is your official SEC tournament bracket, the action gets started on Wednesday with Tennessee taking on Auburn and former Vol Bruce Pearl.  One of the things you will notice, UK does not have to play any team that beat them until possibly Sunday.  We got a helluva draw folks.
  • Staying with Ulis, Ben Simmons decided to say that not only was Tyler not the SEC's best point guard (Stefan Moody) but that he gets a foul call every time someone touches him.  The lack of awareness in this comment is pretty comical considering Simmons himself has shot 273 free throws to Tyler's 167.
  • If you are a fan of advanced statistics, it is also fun to note that our very own Mr. Ulis is now statistically more valuable to his team winning than even Ben Simmons is.

  • Tyler Ulis had yet another double-double this weekend and he is performing at such a high and consistent level that it is almost easy to forget that he is producing some of the best results and efficiencies we have ever seen.  Mark Story had a great write up on why Ulis' season is the best we have seen since Rupp Arena was built.

  • Since the football season ended there has been a lot of scuttlebutt that Linebacker Courtney Love has quickly emerged as the leader in the locker room.  Here is a good article by Jennifer Smith discussing that emergence.

  • Former 'Cat Devin Booker is becoming not just a solid player, but a budding NBA star.  If not for his former teammate Karl-Anthony Towns season, he would be getting some consideration for Rookie of The Year.


  • At 1:00 today, the Denver Broncos will be holding a press conference to announce that Peyton Manning is parting ways with Football and retiring.  I am just glad that Manning is going out a winner and not coming back to a declining struggle.

  • A Duke student went undercover to Chapel Hill and posed as a UNC fan reporter and began interviewing students on campus.  The caveat is he was asking them their opinions on UNC PLAYERS (not a typo, it was his ruse) Grayson Allen, Brandon Ingram, Christian Laettner, and other Duke players.
  • You have to watch the videos in this attached article. It was likely one of the craziest high school basketball games you will ever hear about.  The winner would punch a ticket to the state tournament so their was a lot on the line.  The game went to overtime #1 on a buzzer beater 3 that hung on the rim, then fell through.  Forward to the end of the third OT and after a layup/foul/free throw the opposing team was 94 feet away from a tie with only 2 seconds.  No problem, he took the inbounds and heaved it 80 feet to drain the three at the buzzer to send it to a 4th overtime.  The 4th overtime would finally end, but of course, it took a three pointer at the buzzer.
  • Sticking with the unbelievable theme, Tiger Woods created a youth golf course called 'The Playgrounds' and he had a select few kids come out and play the course for the first time.  Well, on THE VERY FIRST swing on the course grand opening, a kid named Taylor from Corpus Christi, TX shot a hole in one, right in front of Woods.


  • Top 5 Adult Beverages
  1. Old Fashioned with Knob Creek
  2. Modelo Especial
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Mojito
  5. Vodka Cranberry

  • A man was trying to take a selfie with his girlfriend... the caveat is that he thought it was going to be fun to use a gun during the selfie and ended up shooting himself.
  • With the show 'The People vs. O.J. Simpson' garnering attention, it has brought the past into a new light.  Now it has come out that a cop actually took a knife from the crime scene and kept it as a souvenir rather than introduce it as evidence.
  • 'The Walking Dead' is heating up as we near the Season Finale, I will not spoil it but it was intense and really brought out some doubts on whether or not our group is still good guys.  Personally, I think they are because of the type of people we all knew they were 'handling'
  • Rest In Peace to former first lady Nancy Reagan who passed away at the age of 94