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Ben Simmons disses Tyler Ulis; Did Jamal Murray trip Tim Quarterman?

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Ben Simmons is failing Point Guard 101 (among other classes). Is Jamal Murray pulling a Grayson Allen?

Things got a little chippy between Kentucky and LSU as the Wildcats crushed the Tigers en route to a 94-77 win.

Though the game itself had a few heated moments between the two teams, really began towards the end of the blow with the game firmly in hand for UK. That's when Tim Quarterman was walking down the court past Jamal Murray, whose football Quarterman tripped over.

You could make a case for the trip being intentional by Murray. Honestly, it really looks like Quarterman tripped himself, whether is was by accident or him trying to draw a cheap technical foul on Murray is too hard to tell.

One thing is for sure and that's neither team has much, if any respect for the other. That was made clear by Tigers enigmatic freshman Ben Simmons, who took a pair of subtle jabs at UK's Wooden (which Simmons is ineligible for) candidate Tyler Ulis.

When asked to describe what makes Ulis great, Simmons told reporters, "If you touch him, it’s a foul." That's an interesting claim since Ulis attempted just four free throws in this game compared to Simmons' 11.

Ok. Math clearly isn't Simmons' strong suit. And while it's not a real class (that I know of anyhow), Point Guard 101 is also something that would probably be affecting Simmons' negative GPA if it were real.

His assessment of Ulis was a D- at best as he claimed that while Ulis was good, Ole Miss' Stefan Moody is a better point guard than him.

Yes, the same Stefan Moody who has 112 turnovers this season compared to 128 assists, practically a 1:1 ratio.

Ulis, he's up to 221 assists this season compared to just 58 turnovers, a ratio of nearly 4:1.