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Rupp Arena AC malfunctioning for Kentucky vs LSU

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images


It looks like the HVAC system was repaired in time for today's game:


Rupp Arena may be a little bit toastier Saturday when The Kentucky Wildcats host the LSU Tigers.

UK just announced via press release that Rupp Arena’s HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system has suddenly encountered an electrical switch gear problem which is limiting its ability to properly air condition the entire arena.

The schools stresses that, this situation presents no danger to the public and will not impede Saturday's game, fans should be aware that it could be warmer than usual in the arena and should plan to dress accordingly. The Rupp staff will continue to work to correct the malfunction to resume normal operations, but if it's not corrected by game time, there will be no pyrotechnics for starting lineups.

With no AC, you can bet it will also have at least a minor impact on the players and coaches as they'll some extra water and Gatorade to stay hydrated. It's also possible we see more bouts of cramp for both teams if this issue isn't fixed in time.