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SEC Women's Basketball Tourney: UK Hoops vs. Florida

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After a tough battle with the Bayou Bengals, UK Hoops moves on to face Florida in the quarter finals.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

"We had some great moments in the game when we hustled and played with great focus. We had some tough moments when we didn't and let LSU play harder than us and out-hustle us...If we play with tremendous focus and effort and play for each other, don't let off the gas pedal, we're a good team. When we don't, you saw what could happen to us. We're glad to survive today and try to get ready for a really good Florida team tomorrow." -Matthew Mitchell

It wasn't the prettiest of games in Jacksonville yesterday. 25 team fouls, 17 turnovers, only 1 made three pointer the entire game..and then there was that fourth quarter. After streaking out to a 58-42 lead in the first 30 minutes, the Cats experienced a strong case of deja vu when LSU went on a tear, scoring 29 points in the final ten. They'd seen this before, as LSU mounted a heroic fourth quarter in Lexington the last time these squads tangoed. Happily, the Cats managed to put another 21 points up on the board and walked away with a 79-71 victory, a punched ticket to the quarterfinal game against Florida, and some serious questions in the minds of their coaches and fans.

Simply put, Kentucky cannot play like that against Florida and expect to move on in the tournament. They cannot let their ball management slip again like it did the last time they faced the Gators and turned it over 30 times. They cannot leave 30% of their free throw points on the court. They can't have three players foul out.

But they can win. We've seen UK Hoops face outstanding teams in hostile environments time and time again this season, and walk away with the W. Which Wildcats will show up today to play Florida? Only the incredibly talented players wearing blue and white can answer this question. I think they'll give us the answer we want.

Tipoff is around 2:30, and you can catch all the action on the SEC Network.

Until gametime, Cat fans - GO BIG BLUE!!!!