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Kentucky having 'special announcement' on Friday

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This should be interesting...

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

UK Athletics has announced that here will be a special Kentucky men’s basketball press conference on Friday at 2 p.m. ET in the Memorial Coliseum.

The press release doesn't state what it's for, but it sounds like big news none the less if it's something that's not only going to be attended by media, but will also be live streamed at for fans to see as well.

There's also no word on who will be speaking at the announcement tomorrow, and one has to think John Calipari may not even be part of it. Calipari is scheduled to be in Houston Friday to be on the Dan Patrick Show and is likely attending the coaches' convention in Houston for the Final Four this weekend as well.

So this is interesting to say the least. Maybe a player is announcing they're coming back? Maybe someone like Jamal Murray is announcing their hiring an agent and will officially forego the rest of their college eligibility.

Or maybe UK is getting a new Maker's Mark bottle. Whatever it is, you can watch it, and we'll keep you updated here on it.