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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: McDonald's All-American Game Recap Edition

Recapping the McD's All-Star Game, John Calipari still getting paid, UK Baseball bounces back, De'Angelo Russell says sorry, and more!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was the annual McDonald's All-American Game and there wasn't a shortage of Kentucky-bound players to watch. The best high school players in the country competed in an entertaining exhibition that gave fans hope for next season.

Here are some of my takeaways from the game:

  • Like I stated, this was just an exhibition game so it's hard to get too excited or too down on specific players. They only had a few days to prepare in and limited time to practice. Also, remember that last season Cheik Diallo and Skal Labissiere were exhibition game stars. The college season for both guys left a lot to be desired.
  • That being said, I do think Bam Adebayo looked the best out of the Kentucky kids. He was the only player in the game with a double-double, scoring 16 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. He primarily played center and looked like the most dominant big man on the court. He has size, strength, skills, and athleticism. He has it all, friends.
  • Malik Monk scored 11 points on dunks and lay-ups. He didn't have his shot going but he also dished out four assists.
  • De'Aaron Fox struggled from the field, only scoring 2 points. Like Monk, his shot wasn't falling and at times, he looked like he was playing too fast. All-star games of this nature are hardest on point guards. He did have 7 assists. He can drop dimes better than any of the other players on the court and he is going to have a ton of weapons to work with. He's going to be REALLY good.
  • Sacha Killeya-Jones scored 6 points and grabbed 2 steals off of the bench. He was very agile on the court and had more of a physical presence under the basket than I had anticipated. He has gained muscle over the course of his junior and senior seasons. He has a way to go but I think he is going to be more ready than we anticipated. I think he is a hybrid of Skal and Willie Cauley-Stein.
  • Marques Bolden and Jarrett Allen remain the final John Calipari targets that have yet to commit. I honestly thought Allen looked more ready physically than Bolden. Allen was more assertice early and has a bigger body. Allen actually got the start for the West and Bolden played his back-up. If Bolden chooses to go to Duke, Allen would be a great secondary choice. I may even be convinced that Allen is a better player. If Kentucky doesn't get either, Bam will be perfectly fine playing center with either Derek Willis or Tai Wynyard at power forward. At this point, Allen or Bolden is just icing on an extremely rich cake.

Tweet(s) of the Day

As you would guess, Louisville fans were salty about this picture.

Well, if that's true then Louisivlle must be the Buffalo Bills because they never win.

Mike isn't salty and he's correct.

Kentucky Wildcats Quickies

Wildcat Blue Nation takes a very early look at the 2016 football schedule. This is a much tougher slate than last season. If the 'Cats couldn't get to six wins then, it's hard to see them get to six now.

Sacha Killeya-Jones has been making noise this week. Is he an underrated five-star player? He certainly made his case in Chicago. For his part, SKJ is taking this as a challenge and is using the phrase "iron sharpens iron" when he talks about competing with players like Bam and Bolden. I like his attitude.

John Calipari was the second highest paid tournament coach, right behind coach K. Honestly, who should be paid higher than those two?

New Kentucky PG Fox eager for challenge of being John Wall 2.0 - Cats Pause De’Aaron Fox knows all about being the next point guard at Kentucky and is ready for the challenge. He's even heard some call him John Wall 2.0.

The Wildcats baseball team bounced back from a Tuesday lost against NKU by defeating Xavier last night 6-2. Soutpaws Zach Logue and Logan Salow held the Muskateers to one hit in the first six innings. Nicely done.

Kentucky softball's Kelsey Nunley was named as a Senior CLASS award finalist. The characteristics of a Senior CLASS award finalist are; Classroom, Character, Community, and Competition. You can vote for her once a day here.

Sports Quickies

College basketball transfer list - ESPN The number of Division I transfers swelled to more than 700 last season. The 2016 version of the list starts off with more than 250 names, including a list of the 10 best ones available, including a possible UK target.

The story that keeps on giving. Lakers rookie De'Angelo Russell apologized profusely and too the blame for the leaked video that he took that captures teammate Nick Young admitting to cheating on former fiance Iggy Azalea. Russell was booed by the home crowd in LA. Remember, this is the fan base that loudly cheered for Kobe Bryant during a sexual assault trial (which he was exonerated). And don't forget, Kobe ratted out Shaq and RIck Fox for infidelities of the same nature, but again Bryant gets a pass.

Eamonn Brennan takes a look at Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, and the baggage they're bringing to the Final Four. This subject will dominate the games this weekend.

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Syracuse's Final Four run is the greatest trick Jim Boeheim ever pulled - Everything about Syracuse's Final Four berth is absolutely impossible.

Georgia politicians think restricting access to public records will help UGA football. That's stupid. - This isn't the first time a state's tried to make a law in the name of football, but it is an especially silly idea.

Random Quickies

Who are the 100 best drummers of all time? Rolling Stone has your answers! I can live with John Bonham and Keith Moon at #1 and #2.

Samsung’s smart windshield concept is both a great and terrible idea - The Verge You've probably seen a heads-up display for cars that put smartphone notifications on windshields by now, but not for motorbikes and scooters.

Did the ancient Hobbit-like hominid species become extinct earlier than once thought? Scientist doubt our diminutive cousins made contact with early humans. I find this fascinating.