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McDonald's All-American Game Open Thread

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The McDonald's All-American Game takes place tonight with several future Kentucky Wildcats in action.

The girl's game is on now, featuring UK signee Lindsey Corsaro and Kentucky Miss Basketball Erin Boley, who signed with Notre Dame.

Thr boy's game tips off around 9, and here is everything you'll need for it, including rosters.

In addition to UK signees De'Aaron Fox, Sacha Killeya-Jones, Bam Adebayo and Malik Monk, uncommitted five-star big men Marques Bolden and Jarrett Allen will also be on display. The Cats are making a strong push for Bolden, and if they miss on him, may make a strong push for Allen.

Even if neither of the latter sign with UK, this is still unbelievable class that will go down as one of John Calipari's best that's going to be fun to watch next season.

And they're already in prime college form based on Sacha's tweet from today: