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Awesome feature on Malik Monk, his upbringing and rise to stardom

With the McDonald's All-American festivities here, the world is getting a good reminder of just how special Malik Monk is.

The five-star guard out of Arkansas won the three-point contest and was runner-up in the dunk contest, even though he threw down arguably the best dunk:

Now, Bleacher Report has released on awesome feature on Monk, his upbringing and rise to stardom with thoughts from friends, family coaches, and of course, John Calipari.

Speaking of Cal, he offered perhaps the best line to get you excited about seeing Monk in a UK uniform:

"The first time you see him, you walk away saying 'wow!' He does things normal players, even elite players struggle to do. I've seen it one other time - Derrick Rose."

Here's the full video:

Oh, and it features a LOT of ridiculous dunks. Just getting to watch him at the Joe Craft Center will be a treat.