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Wildcats Quickies: Great Day for a Ballgame Edition

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The Bat Cats take down Florida, the Final Four is set, UK Football gets a HUGE commitment, and more quickies to kick off your final week of March.

Brent Ingram

The Baseball Diamond version of the Kentucky Wildcats are playing solid baseball and are on the verge of cracking the top 25.  They had lost #1 Florida on Friday by the score of 12-5, however, they came back on Saturday with a big 7-4 win (snapping a 17 game win streak) over the #1 ranked Gators; setting up a Sunday rubbermatch finale to finish the series.

The Wildcats were down by three runs going into the 6th inning and facing Florida's ace, Alex Faedo.  Kentucky would score two in the 6th and another in the 7th to force extra innings.

All looked lost when shortstop Riley Mahan committed two errors in the 10th, ultimately allowing Florida to score a run and take the lead... however, Mahan would get a chance at redemption.

In a one ball and two strike hole, Mahan took a fastball deep over the right field wall to tie the game back up.  In the same inning Kentucky would load the bases and see a wild pitch allow them to scamper home for a walk-off victory in dramatic fashion.  The 'Cats are now 17-6 and 4-2 in conference play.





  • Mark Stoops and the crew got a significant yahtzee yesterday when 4-star receiver Javonte Richardson committed to the program.  Richardson is 6'4" and is considered one of the top WRs in the country and Rivals goes as far as ranking him as a top-100 PLAYER in the country.  He holds an offer from Michigan currently and will likely get one from Ohio State. Check out more at our ASOB piece from yesterday here.

  • The Football team had an open practice/scrimmage on Saturday and the vibes and feedback from everyone were positive.  Check out the video rundown here.  Also Jen Smith at the Herald Leader has a pretty solid rundown of the day here, as well as Jon Hale of the Courier Journal here.  Below are the cliffs notes version:
  1. Drew Barker is the starter, but Stephen Johnson is impressive and will push him for the job
  2. Mikel Horton looks really good
  3. The Secondary is the defensive strength by far
  4. C.J. Conrad is going to be used, used a lot, and will be a big time mismatch in our favor
  5. Courtney Love is a leader
  6. Lamar Thomas is a shot in the arm for the Wide Receivers Corps
  • is De'Aaron Fox spilling the beans on Marques Bolden?  They are together this week at the McDonalds All-American game and he shot this out there.  Chances are is less spilling the beans and more him recruiting Bolden, which is just fine.

  • Former 'Cat Julius Randle notched his first career triple-double over the weekend, going for 13 points, 18 rebounds, and 10 assists.

"I ain't put 19 shots up in my whole life so that was cool," Cauley-Stein said. "That was different but I like that though."



  • The Final Four is set, and it is going to be Villanova vs. Oklahoma on one side and North Carolina vs. Syracuse on the other side.  Congratulations to the NCAA for getting to watch two of the biggest fraudulent athletic programs representing them this coming weekend.  My choice: whoever wins the game between Villanova or Oklahoma.

  • Bill Self has once again fallen short in the NCAA tournament.  Self has won the Big 12 for 12 straight years now, yet in his 13 years in Lawrence he has only gotten to the final four on two occasions.  Self has also lost to lower seeds notoriously, yet the national media will carry his water for him.

  • The UCONN Women lost in March of 2013 to Notre Dame... since that loss, the Lady Huskies have went 119-1.  That is not a type, 119 wins in 120 games.  That is an amazing stat that needs to get much more national play.

  • Kevin Stallings is no longer in the SEC, if you do not like complaining and whining, this is a great move for you.  Stallings is going to be the coach of PITT, in the ACC.  I cannot even imagine the whining that will result from being in the same conference as Duke, UNC, UL.

  • Kevin Harlan called the Syracuse Virginia game and with the final call, he decided to go with "back from the dead on Easter Sunday"



  • My Top 5 TV Shows of All-Time
  1. Breaking Bad
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Dexter
  4. House M.D.
  5. Seinfeld
  • Do you know wha a Burgerizza is?  Well, you can go to a Braves baseball game and spend $26 to get this monstrosity. It is a giant 20-oz burger with two pizzas as buns.

  • Batman vs. Superman has broken some records, I know I planned to check it out on Friday at the 2:30 matinee and it was sold out.