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The Blue Blood Basketball Podcast Episode 2

In this week's episode of The Blue Blood Podcast, we discuss our favorite moments from this season, we discuss who we believe will stay and who will go, we look at the women's team and their sweet 16 appearance, and we talk about the rest of the men's tournament. Enjoy!

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With the NCAA basketball season now in the rear-view mirror for the Kentucky Wildcats, it's time to do what we do every year. Remember the good times, look at where these guys will be next year, take notice of other UK teams doing well, and watch the rest of the tournament without a dog in the fight.

This week on the show, we mention our favorite moments from this Kentucky basketball team, we talk about who will go to the draft and where they will be picked (which has become more intriguing now that Calipari has said all eligible UK players will enter the draft), we look at the success of the Kentucky women's basketball team this season, and we give you our favorites to win the National Championship now that Kentucky is out.

Kyle mentions the emotions of Jamal Murray after the game against the Indiana Hoosiers. If you haven't seen what he is talking about, you can view it here. Fair warning, it is quite sad.

Also, be sure to let us know where you think the potential draftees from UK will go, as well as where you rank this Kentucky team!