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Wildcats Quickies: Perspective Edition

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It Sucks, but time (and recruiting classes) heals all, UK Hoops rolls on, The Bat Cats drop bombs, some tidbits from the tourney (ugh) and more quickies to kick off the week

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Well, it is Monday, the wound is only a little better, but time will heal all.  As time passes, our perspective of the season will change as well.  The season being over is highly disappointing, but if you take a step back from the vitriol of rival fans and the expectation of minimum Final Four every year... you will be see it was a solid season.

This is a team that Calipari missed out on seemingly his top 6-7 recruits.  This is a team that was basically comprised of misfits that turned themselves into a contender by season's end.

There was a time when we felt lucky to be in the top 25 and the dreaded 'bubble' term nearly came into the lexicon.  We got to see Tyler Ulis perform magic on a weekly basis.  We got to see Jamal Murray resurrect memories of Jodie Meeks and become an absolute assassin with the ball.

We got to see a guy in Skal Labissiere go from sure fire top-2 pick, to having a zero stat line to working back into being a starter and a reason we were a contender coming into the post season.

The run that Calipari has been on at UK is nothing short of amazing.  Nobody has more wins, or more Final Fours since he has been in Lexington and he has put a small village into the NBA that sees 1-2 guys NIGHTLY blow up.  Every year cannot be a championship level event, unfortunately.

Having said that, Calipari has come as close as you can to it.  Next season (I know, too early) is shaping up to be of the 2010, 2012, 2014 variety as well.

It could also be worse, we could be fans of another program.  We could be Tar Heels and have the NCAA in the waiting room reading a magazine before the hammer dropping appointment.  We could be Syracuse fans, and have a hall of fame coach come off suspension for a decade of nefarious behavior.

We could be Louisville fans, in and of itself is sad, and have to carry the water for that sleaze filled cesspool.  Speaking of our little brothers, I had the privilege of a few of their outstanding citizens to come at me on Twitter.  Putting them in their place was fun, but as an added bonus a few Wildcat Friends laid out some facts that make you cringe and call the burn unit.

we all know that Cal has dominated the head-to-head matchup, but for some reason UL fan has decided to jump on the lack of championships train.  So, looking at post-season performance and how the season ended for each team:

  • UK Losses to seed # 2, 3, 7, 1, 5
  • UL Losses to seed # 9, 13, 1(UK), 8(UK), and 7




  • Kentucky Bat Cat All-American JaVon Shelby went yard twice yesterday and is now the leading Homerun hitter in the SEC.  The 'Cats beat Georgia 14-6 behind Shelby's SEVEN RBIs and won the series over the Dawgs.  The 'Cats are now 14-5 on the season and 2-1 in conference play.

  • The Ladies of the hardwood take to the court tonight in a matchup against #6 seed Oklahoma as the Lady Cats continue their push.  The game is at 6:30 and will be shown on ESPN 2.  UK is coming off a DOMINANT defensive performance against UNC Asheville winning 85-31 and look to do more of the same in Memorial Coliseum tonight.
  • Danielle Galyer became the swimming program's first NCAA Champion ever.  She broke her own record in the 200 back.  She also threw up the three-goggles when holding up the title trophy.

  • As we all face the inevitability that Tyler Ulis will be disproving naysayers at the next level this time next year, I encourage you to check out my 'Homage to Tyler' and I dare you not to get emotional at the end when you watch the video tribute to John Scully (Also embedded below).  I would NEVER have picked that song for the tribute, but it is absolutely perfect.

  • Tyler Ulis is now projected to be the 26th pick in the draft, to the 76ers.  The Sixers are bad, but he would be with Noel, and they could be a MUCH improved team after this draft as they have 3 first round picks including the #1 overall pick. Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Brandon Ingram, Stephen ZImmerman, and Ulis could be a strong core.

  • It is no secret that prior to this season, I was really down on Derek Willis.  His comments about falling out of love with the game set me ablaze.  How are you a a scholarship player at KENTUCKY... where you are from, and fall out of love.  I thought he was proving me wrong this season as he finally stepped up and seemed to be the player we all wanted and needed.  Then he goes and says:

I don't really feel like I play hard enough sometimes," Willis said. "I feel like earlier in the year, when I was starting to get my chance, I was excited, I was motivated, I had like a little fire inside of me. And I slowly just drifted. I got complacent with that, and I've just gotta get that mindset back to just go out there and go 110 miles an hour."

  • As we *ease*, yes ease into Spring Football, here is an article from Gridiron Now discussing what Mark Stoops has to do for a bowl season.  Spoiler Alert; it is all about the QB and Edge Rusher, no surprise at either.


  • If you do not know who Thomas Walkup is, you need to get to know him.  He is one of the best players in America and he nearly took Stephen F. Austin to a sweet 16.  He is the milennial version of Bob Sura.  Check out his highlights here, but below is the video that made me come up off the couch and cheer.

  • The Chicago White Sox ownership sucks... not talking about on the diamond either.  They signed Adam LaRoche a few years ago and before he agreed to anything he had the Sox agree to allowing his son the ability to be with him in the clubhouse.  All of a sudden the Sox reneged on it and LaRoche is walking away from 13 Million Dollars to retire from the game.

  • Texas A&M performed the magic act of the tournament on Northern Iowa, ironically the team that made it there because they hit a half court shot to win their first game.  The Aggies were down by TWELVE POINTS with just 33 seconds left.  They ended up winning in double overtime 92-88.  Check out how they did it and the write uphere.

  • I know it happened on Friday night, but it is still worth revisiting.  The half court shot by Norther Iowa to beat Texas around midnight was fantastic.

  1. They take THEIR PICKS! too seriously guy
  2. The Channel Surfer guy... "I gotta find a better moment!!"
  3. The Hipster that hates March Madness and will tell you all about it
  4. the 'Work gets in my way of the games' guy
  5. The Person that hates "One Shining Moment" and criticizes it obssessively

  • Nate Silver at is a numbers guru, but sometimes numbers to not tell the whole story.  He used analytics to determine that Middle Tennessee State beating Michigan State was the 3rd biggest upset in Tourney history, behind Norfolk State over Missouri and Coppin State over South Carolina.  He is wrong, it is far and away the biggest upset.  Michigan State was only favored below Kansas to win it all.  They not only should have been a 1-seed, they should have been the second 1-seed.
  • Every year it seems that a few upsets hit and people are up in arms about it being the 'CRAZIEST FIRST ROUND EVER'... well, this year they would be right.

  1. Perry Ellis (Duh) (Kansas)
  2. Trevor Cooney (Cuse)
  3. Fred Van Vleet (Wichita)
  4. Ron Baker (Wichita)
  5. Roosevelt Jones (Butler)


  • My Top 10 UK Tournament Moments from the 90's on (when I have watched). I am sure I am leaving out some very obvious ones, but these are the first 10 I recall.
  1. Tony Delk 3-pointer and foul against Syracuse
  2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist recover and block vs. Kansas
  3. Aaron Harrison vs. Louisville
  4. Scott Padgett 3-pointer vs. Duke
  5. Sean Woods over Laettner
  6. Aaron Harrison vs. Wisconsin
  7. Cameron Mills 3-pointer vs. Duke
  8. Aaron Harrison vs. Michigan
  9. Wayne Turner abusing Wojo
  10. Anthony Davis causing a Kansas walk on a three pointer