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WILDCATS QUICKIES: Are You a Basketball Bennie Edition

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Coach Cal's Tweak 2.0 in action, Cal supports Erin Andrews, UK Hoops gets some honors, and more quickies for your Hump Day.

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Kentucky took to the court for the first time since the tough loss at Vanderbilt this weekend.  Cal brought with him a new version of his infamous tweak.  He also said that it would be apparent to Basketball Bennies but not to everyone, so, did you notice the tweak?

I was on The Sports Huddle before the game and my prediction on the 'Tweak' was that Cal would have his bigs coming out high to set a lot screens.  Not necessarily a two man pick and roll game, but a pick for a guard that would accomplish a few things.

First it would create an opportunity for the guard to get an open shot, or an open lane to penetrate to.  Bringing the frontcourt out of the lane is a great move for guys like Briscoe and Murray.  It also pulls the other teams bigs out and allows our frontcourt more space to operate and get offensive rebounds on misses.

No matter how you slice it, something worked last night because the 'Cats looked good in a hostile environment and set themselves up to at least share the SEC regular season title.




  • How about Skal Labissiere last night, I have to proclaim a mea culpa as I was on The Sports Huddle and they jokingly said the Tweak was Skal not leaving the bench and I agreed and said it would be the best tweak.  Skal showed us all something tonight with 11 points and 8 rebounds.
  • It was also great seeing Poythress have a solid night with a double-double 12 points and 10 rebounds. If we get that performance from Poy and Skal, we ARE a contender.

  • Tyler Ulis with a boring old ho-hum 19 points, 11 assists, and 4 rebounds.  Imagine if Andrew Harrison would have performed like that at any point last season, we would have all been giddy and over the moon over it.

  • The game went ridiculously long last night at the end, Coach Mike White first started trying a Hack-a-Briscoe strategy with several minutes left.  Then he started fouling everyone for the final two minutes and did not stop until there was just a few seconds left.

  • Kentucky Football's spring game is set for April 13th, and here is a link for you to be able to get ticket information

  • Good article on the new DB coach Steve Clinkscale on how he 'speaks the same language' as Mark Stoops and has wanted to work with Stoops since he came to UK.


  • The Title IX lawsuit in Knoxville is only getting worse by the day. Claims were revealed yesterday that the school knew about the assaults and did NOTHING about it, yikes.

  • With Louisville's post season ban, last night was the end of their season. They did everything just short of playing a one shining moment video (oh, they actually did do that) and raising a "should've been" 2016 National Championship banner.  Apparently Pitino even awarded Damion Lee and Trey Lewis with some type of Championship Ring.  I guess I do not blame them, I really want to say it is very Hoosier-like behavior but I cannot blame them to be honest, well, the rings are a little much though.

  • A high school basketball team was on defense with 4-5 seconds left, leading by 1.  They stole the inbounds pass at halfcourt and the guy had NOBODY in front of him to lay it up or just dribble it out for the win.  Instead he stole the ball, immediately threw it in the air, the other team caught it and called a timeout with 1-second left for a second chance to win... just check out the link.

  • Hey Carmelo Anthony... NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

  • You may wanna apply to work for Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway immediately, even if it is as a janitor.  Buffett is going to give any of his employees who correctly predict the sweet 16 a million dollars a year for life.  It is virtually impossible to get the entire bracket perfect to win his Billion dollar offer, but it is very possible to get the first two rounds correct.


  • Top 5 Fast Food Value/Dollar Menu Items, what is the best bang for your 'buck' in taste and volume
  1. Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (in a landslide)
  2. McDonalds McDouble Cheeseburger
  3. Wendy's Chili
  4. Burger King Rodeo Burger
  5. Taco Bell Beefy Fritos Burrito
  • Twitter has been on a steady decline since they went public and they have struggled to really take that next step and capture a bigger piece of the social media pie.  They have actually LOST 2 BILLION DOLLARS since launching.
  • The movie 'Creed' came out on DVD/Blueray yesterday and I urge you to pick it up and check it out.  If you are a fan of the Rocky movies you are going to really love it.
  • Staying on movies, I watched 'Spotlight' yesterday and I have to say it was a really good movie.  It also made me feel so filthy just watching it and realize the cesspool of filth and nefarius behavior that went on in the church.  The amount of kids that have had their faith, innocence, and any sense of normalcy ripped from them is one of the greatest human tragedies there is.
  • How about Chris Rock helping to raise $65,000 in girl scout cookie sales at the Oscars, pretty cool of him.
  • 'Deadpool' was a pretty good movie as well, however, it is Rated R... very R so do NOT take your kids to see it.  There is now a petition going around to get the character Deadpool (not Ryan Reynolds only) to host Saturday Night Live.
  • Do you like Rock Climbing?  There is a good chance this 2-year old can do it just as well as you can.  She could actually climb them before she could walk.
  • If you are one of the folks that love the idea of a new iPhone but they want the smaller size.  Well, Apple to the rescue, they will be unveiling an iPhone SE, which will be 4 inches.