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Indiana 73, Kentucky 67: Season Ends with a Thud

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A promising season ends in disappointment as Kentucky fell to Indiana in the Round of 32.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

There's no easy way to say this, but the season is over for Kentucky.

The Cats fell to Indianan in an ugly Round of 32 affair that painfully represented a lot of UK's losses this season: Foul trouble, an enigmatic frontcourt, Tyler Ulis forced to carry the offensive load, flashes of being dominant and yet unable to do it enough in a 40-minute game.

Whether it was a team as good as Kansas or as terrible as Tennessee, that's exactly what many of the Cats' losses have looked like, so it only seems right that's how their final game went. Even during the times when Kentucky showed flashes of being a great team that could make it to the Final Four, they never could do it for enough consecutive games that you could feel great about their chances of making it to Houston.

But while the season may have ended with a thud, this was still a fun year overall that saw Tyler Ulis become the best point guard in college hoops, Jamal Murray assault the scoring and three-point record books, UK win 27 games and share the SEC regular-season crown before winning the tournament.

This should still be a season UK fans look back at and smile while remembering the many great memories made during it. It's just going to take awhile before we can do that as painful as the final game was.