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Who said it: John Calipari or Kanye West?

'I don't B.S. them.' - John Calipari.

Before the Kentucky Wildcats get set to face Indiana in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, the guys at cn2 decided to have a little fun with the players.

They read some quotes and challenged the Cats to figure out who said it in a game called "Cal or Kanye", referring to famed rapper Kanye West. You wouldn't think Cal and Kanye would have a lot in common, but they apparently talk similarly enough that the Cats had trouble deciding which quotes were from their own coach and which were from one of their favorite musicians.

Some of the better Cal lines included 'I don't B.S. them,' 'I sleep with that kid's mom' and 'it's like crack cocaine; I gotta do it' in reference to Jamal Murray loving the three-ball.

Here is the video: