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GAME THREAD: Kentucky vs Stony Brook

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The Cats and the Seawolves do battle in Des Moines.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It's tourney time for the Kentucky Wildcats as they face Stony Brook in the Round of 64.

The Cats are playing in the late nightcap as we're chugging some coffee when most are catching some z's, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, playing late has hopefully allowed UK to watch some of the earlier games as double-digit seed underdogs took down the likes of Purdue and Baylor to show this young squad that every game is a challenge in the Big Dance.

We're putting tonight's thread up early so we can all talk about some of the other games going before our Cats play.

Here is everything you'll need for watching and/or following this game.

Be sure to check out Keith's advanced analytical preview of the game, which shows how dangerous these Seawolves really are.

And check out our first edition of the Blue Blood Podcast as the guys talk Kentucky, the NCAA Tournament and other topics.

Let's Go Cats!