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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Beat Stony Brook Edition

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It's all college basketball today. No apologies.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! And Happy (Official) Start of the NCAA Tournament Day! There is a great deal to celebrate and hopefully we will end the night by celebrating a Kentucky Wildcat victory.

The Stony Brook Seawolves will present the first challenge for the 'Cats. The Seawolves compiled a record of 26-6 and won the American East Conference basketball tournament. Big man Jameel Warney figures to be the guy that will look to do the most damage to the Wildcats. The senior averaged 19.8 points per game and 10.7 rebounds per game. If there has been a weakness for Kentucky this season, it's been interior defense and the Warney will look to exploit that.

Check out Keith Garrett's comprehensive look at the game for more in-depth analysis.

A win against Stony Brook and an Indiana Hoosier win against Chatanooga will set up a blockbuster Round of 32 match-up on Saturday. But let's not count our chickens before they hatch.

Onto the Quickies!

Tweet(s) of the Day

Never leave, Cal.

Kentucky Wildcats Quickies

Kentucky has a history, albeit brief, with Stony Brook. Remember when they came into Rupp and Billy Clyde coached 'Cats won 62-52? Calipari brought this up with his team and warned them to not let the Seawolves be a stumbling block. "You know they can beat us. They can".

Stony Brook knows they are going against Goliath tonight but they are fully confident that they can pull off the upset.The cliche, "We've got nothing to lose," and "We're leaving it all on the floor," lines were used.

But the Seawolves will not catch the Wildcats napping. John Calipari has them laser-focused on this game and they are not looking towards Indiana or North Carolina.

Get to know the Wildcats through a series of pretty awesome pictures. Courtesy of Newsday.

Coach and player interviews from the LHL. Most notably, Alex Poythress brought his Nintendo 64 and Smash Brothers has made a triumphant return to the team.

Big Blue Nation should have some confidence going into the tournament as John Calipari has been to four out of the last five Final Fours. That's a damn fine track record. Cal is urging his players to be loose and have fun in the tournament.

NCAA Tournament Talk

Last night's play-in games were way more entertaining than the previous night's. The Holy Cross Crusaders knocked off Southern 59-55 while Michigan struggled to put away Tulsa 67-62. Hey, I said they were more entertaining, not better played.

Trouble for the California Golden Bears on the day of the tournament as their leading scorer has a fracture in his non-shooting hand and head coachCuonzo Martin is under review in a sexual harassment case. Cal has been somewhat of a sexy pick due to their NBA level talent. We will see how much of an effect these situations have.

All season long we heard how great the Big 12 was. We heard the same thing last season and the conference was a dud in the tournament. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports says it's time to put up or shut up.

Ben Simons, a dud all his own, wins the Wayman Tisdale award for Freshman of the Year. I really enjoyed watching him and his awful team sleepwalk through the last two months of play. No, I do not like Ben Simmons. At all.

One of these games (Vandy vs. Witchita State) has already been played, but Matt Norlander gives us his five games to watch in the first round. Indiana vs. Chattanooga is on the list. and IU is on upset alert.

Yahoo!'s Jeff Eisenberg gives us his must see, must skip, potential upsets, and players to watch for today's slate. IU-Chatanooga is on the must see list while Kentucky-Stony Brook is on the must skip list. But Eisenberg says keep an eye on Jameel Warney.

Random Quickies

Obligatory St. Patrick's Day Post. Still one of my favorite news stories of all time.

One of the great scifi/horror/St. Patrick's Day films ever made.

So I have really gotten into listening to this podcast called Astonishing Legends. The hosts, Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess, tackle myths, legends, and conspiracy theories that are famous throughout the world. The hosts remain skeptical but they don't dismiss supernatural explanations. The episode on Shadow People is quite good as is the three-part series on the Oak Island treasure. But last night I listened to the two-part special on the mystery of Dyatlov Pass. The story is that nine Soviet hikers in the 50's were found dead a mile away from their camp site. Some of them sustained traumatic bodily injury that cannot be explained. What also cannot be explained is why they left their tent and campsite in what looks to be sheer terror. Forensics found that the campers actually cut their way from inside the tent to flee whatever was out to get them. The mystery remains unsolved. If you enjoy the X-Files or other mysterious unsolved legends, I highly recommend this podcast.

Heat is one of the greatest crime movies ever made. I would argue that it's the last time we saw Al Pacino and Robert Deniro really at the top of their game. Director Michael Mann is working on a prequel to the 90's classic.