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Mitch Barnhart writes about NCAA Selection Committee; Supports John Calipari

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Calipari made his thoughts known and now Mitch Barnhart is chiming in as well.

With Selection Sunday having come and gone, I can't help but feel more and more like Kentucky got seriously jobbed with their seeding.

Not only were they given a 4 seed in arguably the hardest region in the NCAA Tournament, but were seeded below teams like Duke, Texas A&M, Cal and Utah. The Aggies were the most serious question mark, especially after the Cats just beat A&M in the SEC Championship game, which clearly had no effect on the final seeding. You just can't justify having all of those teams ahead of Kentucky otherwise.

Here is what the final seeding looked like:

And all I've heard since the bracket was set is how Kentucky being a 4 seed was one of the biggest question marks. Whether it was ESPN, talk radio or on Twitter, experts far more knowledgeable than myself are agreeing with the sentiment UK's seeding doesn't fit UK.

Well, after John Calipari made his thoughts know, UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart is chiming in.

In short, I believe the process of selecting NCAA Tournament teams must be both more transparent and more standardized. The Selection Committee has made progress by revealing the S Curve after the bracket is announced, but it should consider following the lead of the College Football Playoff Committee and release updates prior to Selection Sunday.

Even more importantly, the criteria used must be specifically outlined and prioritized, consistently applied, and clearly communicated. This would eliminate all doubt about what coaches must do in scheduling and what teams must do during the season to reach the tournament.

Barnhart also supported his head coach for voicing his thoughts against the NCAA committee and really making life as hard as seemingly possible on Kentucky.

Cal and I have spoken about this topic and, in fact, he suggested these ideas to the Selection Committee in person a year ago. We agree wholeheartedly: The days of moving targets from year to year in the way teams are evaluated must end. The NCAA Tournament is one of the great events in sports. We have a responsibility to get it right.

Read the full statement here.