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Join the Sea of Blue NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

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Here's your chance to compete with the rest of our group here at Sea of Blue when it comes to March Madness. Joining and playing are, of course, completely free.

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With the NCAA Tournament now set, it's time for the Sea of Blue bracket challenge!

While there are no official prizes in this challenge, what we can offer is a great opportunity to match wits against the rest of our group here at Sea of Blue, both staff and readers alike. You can also get a bit of a scoop on how our experts see this tournament playing out.

Okay, it may not be much of a prize, but we can still have some fun guessing what's bound to be one of the wilder NCAA Tournaments in recent memory. This year, SB Nation is recommending that we use Yahoo as our bracket game, so we have set one up here:

A Sea of Blue Staff & Readers

You can pick against the staff and compete for bragging rights if you show you're smarter than us when it comes to college hoops in March. Our game's version even has a bonus multiplier if your upset picks come through based on seeding.

So for example, if you correctly pick an 11 seed over a 6 seed, you just got a 5x multiplier. This way you get rewarded for correctly picking bigger upsets, which we should see plenty of in the first weekend.

Good luck to everyone!