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New College Basketball Top 25 Polls for NCAA Tournament Play

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The latest college basketball top-25 polls only reinforce the belief UK was jobbed.

Mark Zerof, USA TODAY Sports

We now know the entire 2016 NCAA Tournament field.

But while every team may have just gotten their seeding and region's set, there are still one final round of top-25 polls from the Associated Press and college coaches before the Big Dance begins. As you can imagine, how the coaches and AP formed their final polls looks similar in a lot of instances to how the NCAA seedings turned out, but also vastly different in some regards.

The Kentucky Wildcats actually seemed to get a fair shake in terms of their seeding and final ranking in the polls. The newest USA Today Coaches Poll has the Cats coming in at No. 13, or what would be a 4-seed caliber team in the NCAA Tournament. That should make Big Blue feel a little better about seeing their team jobbed out of higher seed.

Heck, maybe the Indiana Hoosiers should be the ones complaining. They are ranked ahead of UK, but were given a 5 seed and may play the Cats this weekend. At least we'll get to see who deserves the higher ranking in that regard. In all, five teams ranked in the top 13 are in UK's region, led by the 1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels, who came in at No. 3 in the final coaches poll.

The latest AP Poll actually has the Cats all the way up at No. 10, along with North Carolina at No. 3 and Indiana at No. 14. No. 8 West Virginia and No. 9 Xavier are also in UK's region, meaning the AP poll thinks UK has four top-10 teams in their region.

As for the rest of the top 25, Kansas and Michigan State claimed the top two spots in both polls once more, even though the Spartans were given a 2 seed in the Big Dance.

Here's the fully-updated AP and Coaches Top 25 Poll:

And here's the latest CBS Sports (and one) poll, which has UK down at No. 19:

Michigan State
North Carolina
West Virginia
10 Xavier
11 Indiana
12 Miami (Fla.)
13 California
14 Baylor
15 Iowa State
16 Purdue
17 Louisville
18 Arizona
19 Kentucky
20 Notre Dame
21 Duke
22 Maryland
23 Texas
24 Texas A&M
25 Seton Hall
26 SMU