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Wildcats Quickies: Bracketology Edition

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It is the most wonderful time of the year if you are a college basketball fan, as well as some other quickies to kick off your week.

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Before we get into it, I would love to know where the readers and friends of A Sea of Blue stand on something.  This time of year you are in one of two camps, you either have a single "Sheet of Integrity" or you are "Full of Sheets?"

Personally, I used to be a multi-sheet guy, I would generally make a pro-UK bracket where they won the title, then I would make an honest bracket for the years that UK had no chance of winning it all.  I also would make two different upset special brackets where all hell would break loose and then one where there was a few big time Cinderella's and then some very early crazy upsets.

I think it changed when I decided to stick with one bracket for every contest I entered just so I could claim that I actually did call an upset when one happened vs. it just randomly happening on one of my 4-5 brackets.  Anyway, there is no right or wrong, but which are you?

On to the brackets, I spent a lot of time last night looking at the seeds, and analyzing the brackets.  Not necessarily to predict winners and losers but more to see how crazy some of the seeds were.  For instance, Oregon as a #1 is a joke, their value and resume screams 3-seed.

Also having Xavier as a two seed is funny... considering both West Virginia, and Kentucky who are seeded below them are ranked above Xavier in all advanced metrics.  Utah is the most overrated #3 seed in a while also.

So, here are each region's top 4 seeds and then where they rank in KenPom, BPI, RPI, and power rankings.





Kentucky's region may not be the overall toughest, but it is certainly the toughest top 4 seeds.  It is a top heavy loaded bracket.  Looking at the above numbers the average aggregate ranking of each region is East at 8.3, 10.5 for the South, and 13 for both the Midwest and West.

Using the above numbers I decided to re-seed the top four in serpentine order to get a more fair grouping.  What is amazing to me is that I can do something like after about an hour of analysis, how in the hell do we have an entire committee who cannot get out of their own agendas to make unbiased match-ups.


So, you can fuss all you want and complain and point out terrible decisions but at the end of the day, the games will be played on the court and that is where we are now.  So, Big Blue Nation, sit back and watch the fun run this team is about to provide.

*FYI... there is an F-Bomb in the video below, watch at your own risk.


(Yes, I know one of these is mine, but I am damn proud of it, lol)



  • This is such an awesome moment captured by TV... Tyler Ulis was going up for the three pointer that would give him 29 points and a career high.  In the background, directly on Tyler's shoulder is his dad. (white Ulis Jersey)
  • So why did Texas A&M get a higher seed than the team that just beat them on a neutral court?  Here is your 'answer'... sort of, lol.


  • Vegas, who are a group of gambling witches that never seem to miss, has released their projections for the winners of the tournament.  Kansas has been tabbed the favorite, then Michigan State, North Carolina, Virginia, Villanova, Kentucky, Oregon, Oklahoma:  That is at least 6 teams seeded higher than us that we are favored over, LOL.


  • My Top-5 Movies of All-Time
  1. The Godfather
  2. Tombstone
  3. Rudy
  4. Gladiator
  5. Creed (yes, that creed, i don't care)

  • Somebody took all of the footage so far of the Batman vs. Superman and made an 11-minute supercut of what is out there so far.  If you have 11 minutes and you are remotely interested in the movie you need to watch it.