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John Calipari rips NCAA Selection Committee for burning Kentucky, again

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"They’re not stealing my joy, that little group of 10," Cal said of the selection committee.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari is not a happy camper.

He's also not a surprise camper after spending the past few days making it sound as though the NCAA Selection Committee would put UK in the hardest region, even going as far as to claim Louisville or even an NBA team would be made eligible and put in the Cat's region.

Well, Kentucky didn't get burned quite that bad, but they did get an unfair seeding nonetheless. It's not so much that the Cats are a 4 seed in arguably the hardest region in the tournament as much as the committee gave Texas A&M a 3 seed.

In case you forgot, the Cats beat the Aggies in the SEC Championship and finished with a better RPIBPI, and even KenPom rating than A&M. But for whatever reason, the Aggies got a higher seed than the Cats, which is really what upset Cal during his Sunday night appearance on ESPN.

"Did we not play a basketball game today?" Calipari said on ESPN. "Why are we playing this tournament on a Sunday? It doesn’t help. It’s like they already picked the thing before we play."

The good news is Cal is still happy with how his team has played and just won a league championship.

"They’re not stealing my joy, that little group of 10," Calipari said, referring to the selection committee. "We just won a championship."

Be sure to watch the full interview.