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Behind the Scenes of Kentucky Crushing Alabama

From the pregame Coach Cal pep talk to the postgame mini celebrations, re-live Friday's fun win over Alabama.

Any win is special, but Friday's demolition of Alabama was one of these young Cats' best games of the season.

That's seemingly been the case all three times Kentucky has played Alabama now, even though the Tide are a team capable of making the NCAA Tournament. But UK looked like the team playing like there was no tomorrow as they crushed the Tide 85-59 for the Cats' third straight victory and eighth win in 10 games.

The guys and gals at Kentucky Wildcats TV do some great work, and their latest is s a behind-the-scenes look at Kentucky's win over Alabama, from the pregame Coach Cal pep talk to the postgame mini celebration.

But there's still hopefully a lot of postgame celebrations to be had, so excuse the Cats for not seeming too enthused with the win. They know there's still much bigger fish to fry and hopefully a lot of games left in March (and April?) to be played.

Oh, and there's a pretty cool video of the Cats getting hyped up before the game:

THIS.Is how Kentucky Basketball gets ready to play. #SECMBB

Posted by Southeastern Conference on Friday, 11 March 2016