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Bracketology Roundup: Kentucky Wildcats Still on the Rise

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Can Kentucky climb to a 3 seed in time for Selection Sunday? Our final updated bracketology roundup says it's possible.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats are peaking just in time for the NCAA Tournament.

That's a statement we've been able to now say in six of John Calipari's seven seasons in Lexington. With UK being so young with uber-talented underclassman every year, that raw talent has typically begun flourishing this time of the year, which is why the Cats have won their first SEC Tournament game in six of Cal's seven seasons here.

Thanks to winning the SEC Championship and several teams battling Kentucky for seeding going down, the Cats are now getting talked up as a possible 3 seed in the tournament.

ESPN's Joe Lunardi has the Cats going to the West Region as the 3 seed with No. 1 seed Virginia. The potential for a 3/6 matchup with Baylor is there if the Cats win their first game, followed by a possible matchup with 2 seed Oregon looms in the Sweet 16.

Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel now has UK could overtaking Indiana for one of the final 3 seeds while making the West Region. A possible 3/6 matchup with Notre Dame could mean we see a rematch of last year's thrilling Elite 8 game.

Shelby Mast of USA Today Sports has UK in the South Region setup with Virginia being the 1 seed. A potential 4/5 matchup with Maryland looms while Oklahoma Michigan State makes this region as a 2 seed. This would be one of the harder regions imaginable for Kentucky.

CBS Sports' Jerry Palm has the Cats in the South Region as a 5 seed. Arizona comes in as the 4 seed, which makes little sense as the other Wildcats simply don't have a resume better than Kentucky.

SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean puts the Cats in the West Region with Baylor as the 5 seed, Michigan State as the 1 seed and Oregon as the 2 seed. This is probably one of the most favorable regions for Kentucky is it comes to pass.

The guys at Bracket Matrix, who round up what every bracketology imaginable, has UK getting an average of 3.67, meaning they are 'barely' getting in as a 3 seed. Still, I wouldn't get too upset if UK ends up being a 4 seed, but that's the absolute lowest they should be, not to mention it should be in the easiest 1 seed's region.