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John Calipari does Ric Flair 'WOO' during interview

Cal's swag knows no bounds.

You can't blame John Calipari for being a little excited about how his Cats are playing.

With the NCAA Tournament looming, Kentucky opened postseason play against Alabama in the SEC Tourney. Despite the Tide being in desperation mode while UK had a long layoff, the Cats looked as crisp and efficient as they have all season on their way to an 85-59 thrashing of Bama.

That had Swaggy Cal making an appearance during the postgame interview with Kaylee Hartung while talking about Jamal Murray.

I'm not really sure what prompted Cal to imitate the WWE Hall of Famer, but he should be feeling a level of swagger similar to what the Nature Boy had in his heyday. That's also the case for Murray, who just notched his 11th-straight game of 20+ points, one game shy of UK's all-time record.